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Migration path for virtual appliance? CentOS6 to CentOS7

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where can i find the migration path for the virtual appliance users when we like to upgrade to era 6.4?

I am a little bit afraid the certificates used? What if these change? howto recatch all the clients?


Something else what happens when i try to redeploy an agent to a system where is already an agent installed with a depricated certificate and a different password used to protect the agent from uninstall? Will era force to overwrite all these? Or will some scenario like this end up in a big mess?




well i found this: https://forum.eset.com/topic/8978-virtual-appliance-old-version-for-migration/#entry47422


Regards Jens

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  • ESET Staff

There is difference between migration of appliance and only upgrading ERA to 6.4. Not sure what you meant, but there are two possibilities of upgrading to ERA 6.4 on appliance:

  • update only ERA components and continue using old appliance you initially deployed. For ERA components upgrade, special task may be used.
  • migrate old appliance to new appliance. This will update both ERA components and also appliance itself. Unfortunately this process is more complicated.


In case you meant second scenario: switching hostname is on you. Steps described in documentation Pull database from other server will migrate ERA configuration, including certificates, therefore AGENTs connecting to old appliance should have no problem to communicate with new appliance. I recommend to test this migration process on your own, it has no impact on original (old) appliance and you. You should be also aware that only SERVER's database is migrated, not appliance configuration, nor custom changes you made on it (i.e. installing additional software and etc.).


Regarding redeploy: it will perform "installation repair" -> AGENT's configuration will be overwritten with parameters provided. But this should be definitely not required for migration to new version.

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