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Any plans for a remote locking solution for Windows clients?

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Hello everyone,

does ESET plan to develop or release products or features to give us more tools for administrating client machines in ESET Protect? I have been asked by technical colleagues if ESET can be used to remotely lock or delete computers. There are customers who regularly hire new employees and terminate others. So that the terminated employee can no longer do anything with the device as soon as it is switched on and has an Internet connection, it should be possible to give a command so that the device is automatically locked. So far we have not found a satisfactory solution.

Thanks for answers!


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  • ESET Staff

Hi @Protector,

I understand from a prior discussion we have had that you use EFDE, is that correct?

If so, it makes me wonder if something like this would be at all helpful: 

https://help.eset.com/efde/en-US/encryption_management.html - Wipe FDE login password or even Block FDE login password on this same Online Help Page.

However, specifically "Wipe FDE login password" does the following:

This task initializes BSOD the device immediately after the execution on the device. The FDE login is wiped on the device, and the user is blocked from any login attempt. User login, password change, and password recovery are disabled in this state. The only option is encryption recovery with an encryption recovery drive.

Although as far as I understand it, ESET Protect itself and thus the ESET Management Agent do not provide any sort of locking or wiping feature.

Thank you,


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Thank you for the answer!

Well, i guessed so. Only chance with ESET would be to use FDE. But thats not the solution our customer is looking for tho.

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