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  1. You can find the song on stores for free now. 😉🎶 Song on Spotify: Song on Amazon Music: https://music.amazon.de/albums/B0D5BFSLHN?marketplaceId=A1PA6795UKMFR9&musicTerritory=DE&ref=dm_sh_TuD2TA5bFu3VAhPCM5Cb218WH Song on YouTube Music: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=7Yd1GvR7dQI&si=OS9HHM4gI-nq2Fi4
  2. You are very welcome 💪🎶 It was fun to write the lyrics and make song. 😁
  3. Hello guys! It is done! The ESET Security Anthem (Unofficial fan song) is here. GO ESET! Lyrics written by me Audio made with SUNO v3.5 Cover image made with getimgai (Photorealism V2)
  4. Hello guys The ESET Password Manager does not accept all 2FA secrets. Some a not compatible. No matter if you write small or big letters. The Google Auth can do those. Please update your Password Manager so wen can use it for all 2FA codes. Thanks a lot!
  5. Oh that sounds great. I'll make an awesome song for ESET. Something heroic.
  6. Hey everyone I am a pretty creative guy and do a lots of stuff with AI. I do even make pretty neat songs with SUNO V3 based on my own lyrics. In my job i do use ESET a lot as an MSP Administrator. I am fully into that product and would like to combine that creativity with ESET. I want to make a proper fan song for ESET Security. Inspired by the classic ESET Android / Robot. My question: Is it allowed to use the word ESET in my lyrics? My vision is a song about the personification of the ESET Android as a security hero in a song. An epic theme song. Just for fun and entertaiment. Im not making any money with it. My music is completely free. I would make it very clear in my song description and title that it's an inofficial fan song.
  7. Thank you for the answer! Well, i guessed so. Only chance with ESET would be to use FDE. But thats not the solution our customer is looking for tho.
  8. Hello everyone, does ESET plan to develop or release products or features to give us more tools for administrating client machines in ESET Protect? I have been asked by technical colleagues if ESET can be used to remotely lock or delete computers. There are customers who regularly hire new employees and terminate others. So that the terminated employee can no longer do anything with the device as soon as it is switched on and has an Internet connection, it should be possible to give a command so that the device is automatically locked. So far we have not found a satisfactory solution. Thanks for answers! Sincerely
  9. Thank for you reply. I just did do that and asked our german ESET support.
  10. Hello everyone! We do manage a customer server with ESET Server Security which runs Exchange 2019 CU13. Since a couple of days the latency of the Exchange connection status is pretty high. About 3000ms. The latency returned back to normal after we removed ESET form the system. Do you have any ideas what could be the problem? I want to update the policy and reinstall ESET. Thanks for help!
  11. We did only remove the FDE. The Endpoint Security was still on the system. Im currently setting up a VM client for testing the backup and FDE again. I'll share the results when i have them.
  12. We do use BackupAssist ER on the machines we manage. We're pretty happy with that tool but it doesn't like the FDE.
  13. Hey @Kstainton Thanks for the answer. We tried to use the solution from backupassist.de on a workstation with FDE. The logs from the backup software said there's a problem with the EFI partition. ESET writes data in that partition for FDE. The backup worked after we removed FDE.
  14. Hello everyone We're starting to deploy the Full Disk Encryption on the first client computers. One of the upcoming questions is what backup solutions are compatible with ESET FDE. Could you guys give me some information about that? We noticed that one of your backup products doesn't create a backup when FDE is installed. Thanks a lot!
  15. Hello! Update: I tried again. The google secret works now. Twitch secret still doesnt work. Some secret formats are not accepted in the Password Manager.
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