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ESET Management Agent - Is there a way to install using Windows PowerShell?

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We have an RMM software which we use to run patch management and deploy software using various script methods. We'd like to deploy ESET Management Agent to all our company computers via Datto (our RMM system) without having to install the agent manually one by one.


Do ESET provide any PowerShell scripts in order to install the agent in the background without disrupting the end users? We already use ESET Endpoint Security so no need for the Antivirus itself.




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Haven't tried it myself but something along this line might work:

powershell -command "& {(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('http://....../PROTECTAgentInstaller.bat', '%temp%\PROTECTAgentInstaller.bat');(Start-process '%temp%\PROTECTAgentInstaller.bat' -NoNewWindow)}"

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We use Datto ourselves, and have just created an AIO installer with agent only.

then we create a component in Datto and execute it with following command 

EsetAgent.exe --silent --accepteula

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Does --silent --accepteula work for you guys? I tried several different installers with or without security product, I also tried --silent --accepteula --avr-disable, but none of them seem to work even if I try to run it locally from admin command prompt. There are no error messages, just nothing happens. Are these command line switches supposed to work with live installer exported from ESET Protect Cloud?

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