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  1. Hi The all in one package, is simply a zip that contains all the parts and an integrated installer. otherwise you have to download all the individual modules and install them manually. The end results is the same, but the AIO installation is easier.
  2. Does this include the new Outlook scanner plugin that has been discussed earlier?
  3. I would welcome the changes, as I currently enable strict cleaning to get similar results
  4. I also do think that having 4 editions is way too much. I did like the old 2 editions, and 3 at the top especially as EIS and ESS is the same except the anti-theft which is not that usefull. Both the password manager and secure data seems very basic at best. If I were to choose i would have gone with the traditional EAV and ESS + a new product containing cloud backup solution. So far i will be staying with EAV.
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