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  1. From what I know EDTD is not included in that license
  2. It’s a quite valid question, especially now that pcu updates will be the way forward with version upgrades. v8.1 is still not released as pcu, and yet Protect console shows v8 as being outdated?
  3. Hi @Peter Randziak I have sendt you a private message with the log files. It from a different server, but the issue is the same. I have not included the install logfiles, as i dont know how to collect them? (ie not being an MSI file). I have included the installer though.
  4. I will try to gather the logs tomorrow, but question 3,4 and 5 is answered below: The RDS roles is simply installed from server manager. The server is almost empty except for Eset. Using Eset Protect 8.1 onprem EEI agent is NOT included in the AIO installer
  5. I have the same issue with a Server 2019 Standard. It does however only happen when using a newly created AIO installer for Eset File Security. When using the MSI file from your website it works, and then i can use the Live Agent installer for the agent. This does however require quite big changes to our deployment solution, so a solution will be required.
  6. I agree with Marcos, and dont see the issue. The trafic to those IP's is made with or without Eset. The fact that you make a reverse DNS does not make any difference, and does not real any information that was not available otherwise (anyone can make those reverse DNS requests if they have the IP). IP's that resolves anything through DNS can not be considered confidential (I would not consider any public IP condidential, that is why they are called "Public")
  7. uPCU should be enabled for Endpoint 8.0 as far as i understand, but it is first when Endpoint 8.1 is released there will be anyhting to upgrade to?
  8. Okay, are there any plans to add this to server products as well, as they are even harder to get a reboot window for?
  9. @Marcos Is uPCU also available for Efs 7.3? or is it only for endpoint v8+?
  10. Hi This is to be expected as server os does not include security center which outlook rely on to tell if there is an AV or not. You can change Outlook behavior by GPO: https://www.ryadel.com/en/how-to-stop-the-outlook-a-program-is-trying-to-access-pop-up/
  11. Hi The all in one package, is simply a zip that contains all the parts and an integrated installer. otherwise you have to download all the individual modules and install them manually. The end results is the same, but the AIO installation is easier.
  12. Hi In Windows 8+ a shutdown will only hibernate the Windows session, so a shutdown and power on is not the same as a reboot. So try to do a reboot instead.
  13. Is this on a server os? Security center is not part of server os, so this check will always fail om server os. @Marcos - Outlook will only show this prompt of it detects that an antivirus is not installered or up to date.
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