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Found 6 results

  1. Hello there, I have a question regarding a coherent security concept with ESET products. We use ESET Endpoint Protect and Server Security. It is clear to me which product exists for which purpose. Unfortunately, however, the roles of the systems are not always entirely clear. Especially in the security context, an endpoint is a computer system that is used by an end user and therefore all measures defined according to the security concept must be guaranteed. According to this definition, such an endpoint can also be a Windows server, for example. Maybe because it's easier in virtual environments like ESX or because it's e.g. is a virtual terminal server. The reasons are varied. I hope it comes across correctly from my side that a client role does not automatically have to be a client operating system. As mentioned again and again in this forum, there was always the answer that server security is the right solution, which I would like to question as the status quo. The goal of a security product (regardless of its product name) must be, in addition to protection against malware, to protect the user. Not only in Germany, for example, underage trainees and interns have to be protected from external content. I would also like to configure everything via a security product if possible. Unfortunately, the server security, the web control, firewall and e.g. the protected browser. All topics that I now either deal with via the infrastructure security solution or I take the unsupported route of installing ESET Endpoint Security on this handful of servers. Since I really like the ESET products, it is very unusual that there is an apparent gap in the concept. You might at least consider removing the installation lock from Endpoint Security at the customer's own risk. As is well known, the operating systems are not that different. Thank you for some structural considerations! Stay safe! Michael
  2. Hello, As I know if you run eset uninstalltool in safe mode you can uninstall agent and endpoint. If a zero day ransomware reboots the pc into safe mode is there any client settings to be enabled to prevent the ransomware from uninstalling the endpoint security? https://www.zdnet.com/article/snatch-ransomware-reboots-pcs-in-windows-safe-mode-to-bypass-antivirus-apps/ Thanks, Peter
  3. I am increasingly getting privacy errors when using public networks which mean that quite a lot of sites are blocked, even when I click to "continue". Is this down to Smart Security and if so, what can I do to avoid it? Or any other things I need to look at?
  4. I'm planning to reformat my computer in the near future, so I decided to upgrade from the latest version of NOD32 Antivirus 8 to NOD Antivirus v9 (9.0.318.20) so I could test it out before reformatting my computer. And to make sure the new license-key system would actually work, and it worked like a charm and activated just fine. But I'm glad that I decided to test out v9 before reformatting as there seem to be an issue? What I'm noticing now is that I can't seem to scan my system while running Windows in safe-mode anymore. I actually tested out this feature before uninstalling v8. Scanning in safe-mode worked perfectly in v8 like it always did. Now with v9 nothing happens when I try to scan while in safe-mode when I click on Eset NOD32 Antivirus in the Start menu, even when trying to run as Administrator. Sometimes it seemed like the mouse cursor would quickly change to show it's in the process of loading, but nothing happens. I've also noticed that opening programs and sometimes even the task manager can take a while, things seem a bit slower. Whether that is due to NOD32 v9 or the latest bunch of Windows Updates I can't say. Some additional details: I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with the latest Windows Updates installed. I downloaded the Live Installer from Eset's website, but I didn't install it on-top of v8. Instead I removed NOD32 v8 completely, rebooted and made sure everything was in order, then rebooted again so I could do a clean install of v9. NOD32 v9 shows no signs of infection for my system. Neither does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (free version used for on-demand scans only) and Windows Defender also claims that I'm clean.
  5. Hello All, I have one concern, that one our client devices are running with ESET AV and they are moving to another Antiviurs. While uninstalling ESET av from devices they are going to hung state. Due to this, lot of servers were down and it is business critical to us. Also i have verified in lot of forums and observed that everyone saying that boot the device is safe mode. It is very critical task if we are going to boot the device is safe mode. Is this required operation to perform ESET uninstallation from boot safe mode ?? Is ESET AV will not remove from normal mode?? Please anyone answer my question.. Thanks is Advance. Thanks, Vasavi
  6. I tried to load this antivirus program to resolve a virus issue I recently encountered via my email. Anyway, it seemed to download just fine but failed to initialize and instructed me to download the offline version. Well, when I tried this my system failed to reboot in safe-mode. Help?
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