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  1. Hello there, I have a question regarding a coherent security concept with ESET products. We use ESET Endpoint Protect and Server Security. It is clear to me which product exists for which purpose. Unfortunately, however, the roles of the systems are not always entirely clear. Especially in the security context, an endpoint is a computer system that is used by an end user and therefore all measures defined according to the security concept must be guaranteed. According to this definition, such an endpoint can also be a Windows server, for example. Maybe because it's easier in virtual environments like ESX or because it's e.g. is a virtual terminal server. The reasons are varied. I hope it comes across correctly from my side that a client role does not automatically have to be a client operating system. As mentioned again and again in this forum, there was always the answer that server security is the right solution, which I would like to question as the status quo. The goal of a security product (regardless of its product name) must be, in addition to protection against malware, to protect the user. Not only in Germany, for example, underage trainees and interns have to be protected from external content. I would also like to configure everything via a security product if possible. Unfortunately, the server security, the web control, firewall and e.g. the protected browser. All topics that I now either deal with via the infrastructure security solution or I take the unsupported route of installing ESET Endpoint Security on this handful of servers. Since I really like the ESET products, it is very unusual that there is an apparent gap in the concept. You might at least consider removing the installation lock from Endpoint Security at the customer's own risk. As is well known, the operating systems are not that different. Thank you for some structural considerations! Stay safe! Michael
  2. This question was asked years ago, now I'm asking it again. Is there a good solution how I can check the firewall behavior of the clients in the ESET Console? Not as a learning mode but as an event. This would allow for proactive debugging. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hello Marcos, yes, the workaround works, but due to the current threat situation, I don't have a good feeling about deactivating such functions. A threat would certainly still be recognized and eliminated, or? What is the advantage of this function?
  4. Is there perhaps a slightly better solution that *.eml files are not automatically moved to the inbox after opening in the file system? Even if we change all systems (SAP...) not to generate eml but msg files, there are still thousands of data which cannot be changed. What risk exists in 2022 if the "E-MAILS TO BE SCANNED" - "Read e-mails" function is deactivated as a workaround? Files of type msg are also not copied to the inbox. Many thanks for the help!
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