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ESET Endpoint Antivirus ver. 10.0.2034.0 + Windows 10 Pro + DELL XPS 13 9310

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Good afternoon all,

We are dealing with an issue since early August that causes to some of our office users, windows updates applied stuck at 90% of installation, and overall usage of the PC becomes a tragedy - everything stuck gradually to complete non reaction to any command given. We started troubleshooting initially with the approach of MS / clean cache , rebooting etc. , hardware side all on good order, no high temperatures, no bad health to any component, this ocured thus far to 6 out of 20 laptops, not at the same time, 2 this week, one next , two the week to come etc. 
At the same laptops that have issue with windows updates, DELL command center updates also stuck near the end of the progress bar,  use of  MS Outlook 365 client becomes not possible since it gets not responding pretty often and the ESET endpoint AV updating product hangs to eternity as well. After reboot  ESET is being updated normally. CPU / RAM / DISK usage are at idle levels. 

Regarding Windows/Dell updates after some hard reboots, roll back to ms updates - updates pause, clean cache, re-installation of updates and dell updates we temporary fix the issue. Nevertheless at half of the laptops (3) this issue has been re-appeared after few days. 

Starting it at safe mode (doesnt allow ESET plugin to operate) solves the responsiveness of Outlook, but overall the issue remains. 
Checking the network of the office we see no issue, other laptops / mobile devices are unaffected, internet is more than good, thus apart contacting Microsoft we are posting this here to see if anyone else has faced same symptoms and if you have any feedback / suggestion apart enabling logging etc. 

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I'd suggest to start off by checking if Windows Defender (msmpeng.exe) is running. It shouldn't if ESET is installed and real-time protection is active.

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Defender runs but configured to stay out of ESET's way, as a second layer of protection, receiving updates, but with real time protection disabled. This has been like this for a year (periodic scanning is off).  All laptops have same group policies/Azure , thus this shouldn't be the case.  

Nevertheless we will try disabling it and see if issue remains and revert. 

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On 9/18/2023 at 12:09 PM, rekun said:

Upgrade to the latest 10.1 build, that has resolved it of our users

As it seems quite some ESET AV clients were left to prev. versions, not updating to latest when user selected to update.
We performed this via the ESET admin portal and all clients updated to latest, seems issue has been resolved (if it re-occurs i will update). 

Thanks Rekun.

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