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  1. Hi This is to be expected as server os does not include security center which outlook rely on to tell if there is an AV or not. You can change Outlook behavior by GPO: https://www.ryadel.com/en/how-to-stop-the-outlook-a-program-is-trying-to-access-pop-up/
  2. Hi The all in one package, is simply a zip that contains all the parts and an integrated installer. otherwise you have to download all the individual modules and install them manually. The end results is the same, but the AIO installation is easier.
  3. Hi In Windows 8+ a shutdown will only hibernate the Windows session, so a shutdown and power on is not the same as a reboot. So try to do a reboot instead.
  4. Is this on a server os? Security center is not part of server os, so this check will always fail om server os. @Marcos - Outlook will only show this prompt of it detects that an antivirus is not installered or up to date.
  5. In my experience server 2016 does not disable defender when you install Eset (or any other av). This might be due to the fact that security center is not available in server os. Defender should be removed from the server manager. in windows 10 it works fine though.
  6. Does this include the new Outlook scanner plugin that has been discussed earlier?
  7. Well i cant say what the practice is in other countries, but here in Denmark you cant buy a license for more than 3 years. But yes, someone should look into this and locate the fake resellers
  8. Hi I agree with @MusicWallaby Like when I sm going to a meeting at a customers site, I am not necessarily connected to wifi, as I just use it to take notes. In cases like this, it does not make sense to show a message that it can't connect to the server. Maybe it can be adjusted to just show this message when connected to wifi or lan.
  9. Hi @slarkins I was previously running both Era 4 and 5,and are now on v6. Version 5 was a much more simple product, and at first sight v6 will seem a bit complex. Once you have spent some time with it, you will learn of how works, and you will appreciate all the extra features and possibilities of era 6. For small business, the main reason for upgrading is the new endpoint and file security products, as these are much better than the old (and provide much better security) . For larger companies the new manager gives you way more possibilities than the old, and is worth the upgr
  10. Hi you Can use this to deploy the agent https://support.eset.com/kb3677/?locale=en_EN once the agent has been deployed you can use a software install task to install Endpoint antivirus or security to unprotected computers
  11. I guess it does not really matter. You have already spent more time researching how to it, than just really doing it. Just jump in to it, you can't really go wrong either way
  12. I would welcome the changes, as I currently enable strict cleaning to get similar results
  13. @MichalJ That sounds really interesting. Do you have any early access program for that?
  14. I recommend to change the agent policy to connect to a dns name instead of an ip. this way you can easily change the dns record without any issues on the clients.
  15. No, Eset won't make any issues with the update. You don't have to do anything.
  16. I totally agree with tmuster2k I have never used the migration tool
  17. Hi This is not available currently, but it should be part of both Era version 7 and Eset Cloud Administrator. Maybe someone from Eset can give some updated ETA for both, as I think they have slipped a bit?
  18. I think they are released as needed, and not at any specific schedule
  19. Yes, I think they target 2 releases each year, one at summer, and one at winter. Version 7 should be targeted for release at Q1
  20. Hi Are there any other new features you can disclose? Are there any new "Next Generation" features? (from what I understand anti-ransomeware should be part of v7?)
  21. It will most likely auto upgrade, but it usually takes some months before they start the auto upgrade. I think they want to be extremely sure it is bug free before auto upgrading.
  22. As suggested above, you should reconsider allowing port 2222 between the two subnets, and then stick with one era server
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