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Outlook Issues with version 9.1.2051

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We have Outlook issues with a lots of our clients on many different networks so I know its not a local software issue

Just reporting it here see if anyone else is having the same issue


We are getting outlook crashing, hanging and running very slow.

As a temp work around we have disabled the Outlook Plug-in globally this is not ideal

Sure ESET will release a fix soon

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8 minutes ago, Matt Chapman said:

We also have a large amount of our customers with this issue and have been having to disable the outlook plugin as a temporary measure.

Does temporarily disabling only antispam help?

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Unfortunately, the only way for me to test is to run this live. At the moment we just have the outlook plugin disabled with the our ESET Protect policy for affected which did resolve the issue but obviously not a permanent fix.

I will see if I can test with just the ant-spam module disabled and let you know.

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+1 #CASE_00400747 


we have build a testmaschine to find out that eset is the issues.

Customer reportet very slow Outlook, even in Online mode with all computers. 

+ Mails in outbox hangs. 

Only disable the eset outlook plugin let outlook run in normal speed. 

feels bad to let the customers without Outlook Virus-scan .. 



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1 hour ago, TMCMG said:

Only disable the eset outlook plugin let outlook run in normal speed.

Does temporarily disabling antispam and re-enabling integration with Outlook make a difference?

Please provide logs created as follows:

  1. Close MS Outlook and make sure it's not among running processes
  2. Enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Technical support
  3. Launch MS Outlook and reproduce the issue.
  4. STOP logging.
  5. Collect logs with ESET Log Collector and provide the generated archive.


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I also have some users reporting intermittent Outlook crashes and we are not alone

Disabling Outlook Integration or rolling back to Endpoint Security 9.0.2046.0 have both worked as temporary mitigations for me while I was trying to trace/prove the bug.


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