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Found 10 results

  1. Outlook connecting to O365 With Outlook Integration enabled Outlook opens to a blank inbox and status of updating folder and after about 10-15 seconds displays inbox and status of Connected to Microsoft Exchange. Alternate symptom is Outlook splash screen sits for about 10-15 seconds with status of processing before Outlook opens to inbox. With Outlook Integration disabled Outlook opens to inbox within 3 seconds with status of Connected to Microsoft Exchange then shows updating folder.
  2. We have Outlook issues with a lots of our clients on many different networks so I know its not a local software issue Just reporting it here see if anyone else is having the same issue We are getting outlook crashing, hanging and running very slow. As a temp work around we have disabled the Outlook Plug-in globally this is not ideal Sure ESET will release a fix soon
  3. Hi I have a problem with microsoft outlook eset plugin/addin problem started about 1-2 weeks ago. Plugin for outlook 2016 causes outlook to crash so i removed it so i can use outlook normally any ideas/fix?
  4. Hi there! we have a several users who using gpgOL to secure mails between themselves for several reasons. It worked fine with the oldest 9.0.2046.0 version, but in the 9.1.2051 and 9.1.2057 version the E-mail client protection interferes with its operation, the plugin can't sense from a mail it's encrypted or not so you cannot open the encrypted mail. The workaround is to disable "E-mail client protection by plugin", but i'm not satisfied with it. I read several problems with antispam does it connected to this issue? There are no change to this section in the release notes, so we can hope a fix for this? Thanks in advance S.
  5. Hi, When we migrated to ESET Network security we noticed that our spam folder in shared inbox got flooded. We have removed all the emails and the next spam folder got flooded with 25k+ emails. That in turned made Outlook on all computer to stop responding as it was processing all the emails. Only one email was being duplicating one day. Then another two emails on the second day... Work around was to disable spam protection. I found some similar problems on this forum, but all were related to older versions. Is there a way to fix problem so we could turn back on the spam protection?
  6. Running Eset 9.1.2057 Outlook has started running slow since the update, also sent emails get sent to outbox but recipients receive the email. Disabling the outlook pluggin seems to improve things and sent emails are moved to the sent items folder. Happening on multiple machines and multiple sites. is anyone else having this issue?
  7. hi I have outlook 2010 and 2013 and after installing the latest version of antivirus, it has become very slow. I have tested if the add on outlook is not installed in the policy, the speed problem is solved, and if the add on is installed, it takes 30 minutes for outlook to open and the software to start working. This version 9.1.2057 is very slow on office products.
  8. Hi, the problem with the Outlook Add-in which generates confilicts and email duplicates was reported several times in the last years (see threads below) and promised to be fixed in version 7.x, then in 8x., but is is still existent in version 9. What is the plan to fix it? KR, Matschek
  9. Good morning, I've noticed on my PC and on some client's PCs that if I open an EML file, it goes inside my inbox folder. I've tried to disable ESET Outlook Add-in plugin and this bug has disappeared. I've got ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.3.2032.0 installed. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi folks, we have some weird issue with Eset Endpoint Antivirus v6.4.2014.2 and Outlook 2016. Our environment: Windows 7, 32 Bit Office 365 Click-to-run occurs in Outlook 2016 v1609 Build 7369.2055 occurs in Outlook 2016 v16.0.6965.2105 around 70 identical Clients deployed via Sysprep Image We were using the ESET Antivirus 6 within our environment since June 2016 without any problem. Just pretty recently, since about 1 month, we are randomly experiencing crashes or freezes when sb. hits the "Send" Button in Outlook. This can occur while sending a standard email or even within an appointment request. The email itself is then stuck in the outbox, and the user has to restart outlook to get it send out. When Outlook freezes, there is no reaction of the program at all. When Outlook crashes, it just magically disappears. Please note that we did not change anything with our Eset Version, but since we use Office 365 we are receiving and installing updates from Microsoft automatically. So it is quite possible that the Eset Addin causes some problems with the latest Outlook version which got deployed in the last few weeks. The problem seems to disappear completely once we disable the Eset Addin (eplgOutlook.dll v6.4.2014.0) via GPO. Since the crashes happen randomly, it is quite difficult to pin it down. We have a small test group which reports positive results back to us once we disable the Addin, and negative results once we re-enable it. So, my questions are: Is anyone else experiencing similar problems? (Crash/Freeze while "sending" email) Possible Workaround: Is the Eset Antivirus protection still active in Outlook even if we disable the Addin? Thanks for your time.
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