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I Was charged for eSet cyber security, but i did not buy it??

Rob Morin

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Hello, I was charged yesterday on my credit card for eSet cyber security, even though i never purchased it. I did purchase eSet for Mac on the 11th of Oct, but i never bought eSet cyber security on the 15th. Someone please refund my purchase!

Reference Number:


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If you were charged twice for ESET CyberSecurity (=ESET Antivirus for Mac), contact the seller for refunding your redundant purchase please.

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I bought it on eSet online store(eset website)... There is no obvious email to email them to let them know....

Do you have this email address?


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Contact ESET sales

To purchase ESET products and services, speak with an ESET Sales Representative, or assistance with payments.

Call: +1 (844) 824-3738 in San Diego, CA USA; press 2 for questions about ESET products or assistance with credit card payments. Available Monday-Friday, 6:00am - 5:00pm Pacific Time [GMT-8]


Here's the general contact information for North America

ESET North America

610 West Ash Street,
Suite 1700
San Diego, CA 92101

+1 (866) 343-ESET (3738)
Tel: +1 (619) 876-5400
Fax: +1 (619) 876-5845
Web: www.eset.com/us


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7 minutes ago, Rob Morin said:

So 3 hours behind me... Hmmmm i heard the was a new office open in Toronto... can I call there?

I guess you could try...when I search the worldwide partners for Canada, it directs me back to San Diego.


Best regards,


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14 hours ago, webyourbusiness said:

the partner page is useless - no US partners listed, no canadian partners listed.  ESET now attempts to take business direct rather than pass to partners.


In this context, partner means a company that distributes the product to the resellers on the given market. There are a few countries where ESET's own office does that (USA, Canada, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, and some more), while in the rest of the world, a local company does that for us.

Thus, this is a list of partners/distributors for each country in the world where we sell our products. (Note the website's address starts with eset.com/int, where "int" means you are on an international version of the page, not a country-specific website.

What you meant is probably a list of local resellers who sell directly to customers. This is up to each distributor to share the list on their local website (Slovak ESET website has the list published for example).


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