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Product update - Quarantine Bug Not Fixed

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8 hours ago, Peter Randziak said:

Hello guys,

hmm I can see items in my Quarantine, I do not manually quarantine items.

Can you please report the issue as a support ticket to check.

Regards, P.R.

Peter, I will narrow down the issue for Eset.

When Eset is installed, it is not creating the Quarantine sub-directory in this directory path; C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\ESET. Appears this is a supplementary directory and not the primary directory where Eset quarantine files. It also appears that Eset copies entries from the primary quarantine directory to the supplementary directory. Finally, the Eset GUI accesses the supplementary directory.

When the "fix" I noted in another posting is performed which is to manually quarantine some file on your device, Eset will then create the missing Quarantine sub-directory and copy all existing entries in the primary directory where Eset quarantine files to the Quarantine sub-directory . From this point on, everything is in sync quarantine-wise as far as Eset is concerned.

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