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Hello everyone,This is my third yearly install of your antivirus.I have never had any problems of any kind.There used to be a link where you you set it up a certain way.Does this link still exist?By the way this is on a Win7 machine with SP1.

Yes I know the guide you referring to :) But there's no need to do that in the recent versions. You are very fine with using the defaults actually so no need to tweak anything. If you know how to you can change the HIPS and or Firewall modes to your liking but that's about it I would say. The only thing there is to tweak is maybe to enabled detections for PUAs and Suspicious apps wich I have done.

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Hi everyone,


I have been using Eset products for many years and think they're among the best Anti-Virus, Security Suites out there. I began using a computer in 1987 to draw schematics and then went to integrated schematic and PC board design software. My first two computers were purchased at a place that built computers out of standard parts, a 386 and a 486 in the early to mid 1990s, and from then on, I bought the parts and built my own. I basically hate name brand computers because they use nonstandard parts, especially Dell. The last name brand computer I worked on was a HP and it needed a new motherboard because there was an USB error indicating there was a surge. When I went to HP to see how much a new motherboard cost, I was shocked. They wanted $215 for it. I was able to research and found a motherboard for $60 but didn't have a 25 pos. Parallel port. Of course the case wouldn't allow me to replace the I/O shield either. I currently use three desktops and have a laptop that collects dust.


Family and friends bring their computers to me to fix. Many of the computers are infected, some are dead and I recap them to bring them back to life, install larger hard drives and whatever else I can do. I'm self taught and learn as I go. I think I'm pretty good at repairing them, but realize the more I know about them, the more I need to learn more. I'm here because I want to learn more





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Hello Everyone,


I have been away from ESET for awhile trying other inferior security software, I took a knock to my head in the last couple of days and come to my senses returned to

ESS 7 WOW!!! so impressed realised what a big mistake I made leaving for other bloat ware, Now I here to stay and so glad to have my pc and browsing up to top speed. Superb job ESET team.


Regards Bob

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How did you find the ESET Security Forum?

I was checking into why one of my machines was offering an apparently "free upgrade" from NOD32 to Smart Security...


What OS are you running?

I am using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OSX


What AV are you running?

I have been using NOD32 since early 2004


What’s an interesting fact about you?

In the early 1990's I supported McAfee Product in Australia - and was invited to, and visited, McAfee's offices in 1995 for their inaugural AVERT seminars and training... Had many email conversations with Aryeh Goretsky about McAfee products during that time but never got to meet him...


By 1997 I had moved to Sophos - whose offices I visited in 1997...


In 2004 I set up my own "computer support" business and, after much research, decided (based on Virus Bulletin evaluations - Virus Bulletin being a sister company to Sophos at that time, at least) ESET was the "best" product for me to sell to my (yet to exist) clients - and a couple of years later was very, very surprised to see Aryeh Goretsky named as part of ESET's support team whilst researching some issue with NOD32 ...


My "computer support" business is still in operation and I am still selling ESET to clients - converting most from McAfee [or McCrapAfee as I call it nowadays :) ] and Norton/Symantec... 


Hi Aryeh

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Hello all. I'm 57, live in Toronto, land of Ford, blog (over 450 posts so far), know computer as a user but am sort of a permanent newbie. For which reason I have always had the good sense to bookmark reputable sites that I could go to when in trouble. I had been a visitor to Wilders and SpywareInfo for a long time. I forget the details, but that's how I found this site.


If someone wants to guide me to the most appropriate discussion, I'd appreciate it. I don't know what's going on with my Toshiba Satellite C650 w 2.12 available physical memory, i3 cpu. It started with the most recent Adobe Flash update (an event that now makes me shudder). Video is screwed. Old versions want to update to the newest blasphemy. PCMech guys tell me I'm between a rock and a hard place. Ran combo box. Nada. System restore, even after uninstalling av, won't take. Apparrently it chokes on a particular file. It knows, but it won't tell me. Gotta love it.


I'm tempted, but dreading, to install windows 7 pro on this machine. I have it on my other, an Acer V5, i5 w 8 gigs ram. The offending machine has windows 7 home on it.


Nice to half meet you all. Thanks in advance. Later...

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I'm Nizrax, just your run of the mill computer nerd/reddit lurker/gamer. I've used ESET trials in the past on different systems, but finally got around to buying a two year license for the Smart Security product a few days ago. (I believe I convinced a friend to buy it when her trial is up, as well. We had some trouble with her system awhile back which got us both on to ESET due to my past experiences with it, and her needing something fool proof.)


So far it's a very solid all around, it's a shame they're not all this non-intrusive, stable, yet configurable while being new-user friendly.


I followed the forums from the main site, I received a billing fraud email actually a day after my new purchase(?!) and decided to come dig around on the forums for more information, which I didn't find. Woops.


Win7 x64 Sp1

ESET Smart Security 7.0.302.26

To be honest, I've no "interesting" facts to share. I'm a generally boring person.

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Welcome to the forums. Thank you for your post. :)

No one is a boring person, just bored themselves sometimes. Everyone has their unique skill-set and special talents , whether on the inside or out.

Regardless, glad to have you here and i really liked your idea of 2factor auth built into a usb dongle.

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Hi friends my name is Jabeen Ali. i am new here i recently join this great community this is great forum to get information i read out all the threads on this forum and get pretty knowledge and also shared my knowledge in this forum....

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Hi friends my name is Jabeen Ali. i am new here i recently join this great community this is great forum to get information i read out all the threads on this forum and get pretty knowledge and also shared my knowledge in this forum....

Hello and welcome Jabeen Ali-we are happy you have joined us. Much knowledge is available here. I am looking forward to reading your posts. :)

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Hi everyone.


I was an on and off poster for many years on the last forum. I have been using Eset

since the beginning and have never liked any other security suites I have tried including Kaspersky

which has really gone down-hill in recent years. It is what Norton used to be, all bloated and frustrating.


Eset is just so zippy and free of most false positives that my curiosity with the other suites has already

been fulfilled. They just don't compete in any way if you are a gamer and need the speed.

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 Hope you enjoy these as much as wilders.

Of course Ryan will enjoy it, you're here Ryan  :D  :huh:


Welcome new Ryan.  :)


I'm a gamer too mostly on console (except FPS that has to be played with keyboard and mouse), but haven't played much the last few years.

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Hi all, especially to Dr Teeth.

I'm a radio amateur too, like working cw, rag chewing and home brewing.... no, no not the liquid stuff, also like making pcbs. You'll see an article or two of mine in Sprat, the G-qrp club magazine.


I came here from another AV, a very buggy AV I kicked into the long grass, nuff of that


I couldn't resist dropping by when I saw Dr Teeth,  just like a union man eh, one out all out!! Would love to learn the guitar, I do practice the mouth harp, for some reason all the cats n' dogs wanna join in.


Good luck all, Dave

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Hiya all.


Just joined with Eset after having been with Kaspersky for the past 3 years. The only 'con' with KIS was that it has become top-heavy. Bloated. It was really slowing my PC's down.

I have a desktop with Vista and Laptop with Windows 7.


Had a good search into the user reviews of most of the security suites and here I am. Swayed by the reports of a non intrusive yet reliable security system.


So pleased I switched over. Browsing back to as it should be. No more hanging and freezing websites. Feels like I have two new computers! Surfing with a smile again. Long may it continue.


Also have Malwarebytes. They seem to be working okay together with the exclusions set in the 'ignore' lists.


Oh. I'm an early retired old codger/git. And a Sheffield Wednesday season ticket holder. No quips, thanks.


Cheers guys.

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Welcome LezSee.


Good choice you've made coming to ESET. 


And getting two new computers just like that ain't bad I must say  :D


Cheers, and see you around  :)

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