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  1. A night mode would be nice. Basically, colour inversion. It's kind of jarring how bright it is like this. I'm not complaining, mind you, just saying. It's overall aesthetically pleasing and feels "neat" and "professional" like this, though.
  2. Hello! I'm Nizrax, just your run of the mill computer nerd/reddit lurker/gamer. I've used ESET trials in the past on different systems, but finally got around to buying a two year license for the Smart Security product a few days ago. (I believe I convinced a friend to buy it when her trial is up, as well. We had some trouble with her system awhile back which got us both on to ESET due to my past experiences with it, and her needing something fool proof.) So far it's a very solid all around, it's a shame they're not all this non-intrusive, stable, yet configurable while being new-user friendly. I followed the forums from the main site, I received a billing fraud email actually a day after my new purchase(?!) and decided to come dig around on the forums for more information, which I didn't find. Woops. Win7 x64 Sp1 ESET Smart Security 7.0.302.26 To be honest, I've no "interesting" facts to share. I'm a generally boring person.
  3. Call me silly, but something like Lastpass built into ESET with the master key tied to a USB-dongle would be neat.
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