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  1. Read about it here and here. hxxp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/523894/wondershare-helper-compact/ https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/wondershare.com Would have been nice if eset had detected its malware before I unwittingly downloaded a program from them which contained malware which proved tricky to delete as it was all over the place, in common files, user documents, Program Files, appdata roaming, etc etc. It didn't do too much except for thrashing my hard drives and cpu resources but that was enough to give me a major headache.....
  2. Just letting you guys know that the speed issues seems to have been resolved. I just downloaded 150 megabytes worth of eset updates in the blink of an eye. Fingers crossed it cointinues like this as I really love Eset with a passion. I hate any other suite including Kaspersky.
  3. Its a single computer and I have never had issues in the past. My internet is always very fast so speed in general on my end is not an issue. I am not behind any routers as I have mobile broadband which is on a usb stick modem. No conflicting files or anything like that, certainly no viruses or spyware, adware, etc etc. The only thing that is slow is connecting to the eset servers from Perth, Australia using Telstra. All other internet activity is blazing fast.
  4. I used to download at those speeds too with Eset for many years. Its only recently that I have experienced this slow-ness and I have not changed isps.
  5. For some reason installing Eset and downloading the updates have been very slow. I can confirm the problem is not on my side as I've been downloading stuff at over 1 megabyte pers second. Installing Eset and the updates were at about 15KB a second and it took me about 2 hours or so. Are there alternative servers available so I don't have to wait forever while it does a big update or installs a new build?
  6. Yes, it's a shame about Kaspersky is it not as once upon a time it was like Eset, Lightweight and zippy. Now it is like a bloated hungry hippo, begging to slow down your computer tasks and gaming fps to a point it is making you cry. Just say no to Russia.
  7. You must understand that if you visit adult sites then your chances of getting infected with a virus dramatically increases, with or without security suites. No security suite will catch 100 percent of what is out there. Eset will probably catch 99 percent and you just got every unlucky with that remaining one percent chance. Stick with the well known adult sites like Playboy to avoid the chance of this happening again.
  8. Hi everyone. I was an on and off poster for many years on the last forum. I have been using Eset since the beginning and have never liked any other security suites I have tried including Kaspersky which has really gone down-hill in recent years. It is what Norton used to be, all bloated and frustrating. Eset is just so zippy and free of most false positives that my curiosity with the other suites has already been fulfilled. They just don't compete in any way if you are a gamer and need the speed.
  9. Same here. Eset has always been super fast for me. Kaspersky on the other hand which scored much higher is so damn slow. I tried it just a month ago and I couldn't wait to get rid of it, LOL!
  10. Here you go, buddy. hxxp://www.av-test.org/en/tests/home-user/windows-7/julaug-2013/
  11. For some reason, AV Test have given Eset a 2 out of 6 for performance and Kaspersky a 6 out of 6. WTF?? I tried Kaspersky just a week ago and it took forever for my computer to load up programs, games, etc etc. Eset in comparison is a lot zippier and everything loads up almost instantly. Why on earth would they give Eset a 2 out of 6 and Kaspersky a flaming 6? I bet there are some secret hand-shakes going on..... AV Comparitives in comparison has eset past the performance tests with flying colours!
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