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  1. Arakasi, I for the most part used Firefox as my browser for a very long time. I tried to remember why I started using Chrome. The answer I recall is they have slightly different extensions for video downloading. I found by accident that one will work on a site that the other will not work on. For example Firefox will download from youtube and Chrome will not. Rather than have two downloaders on one browser I would switch back and forth based on which extension worked on which site. I am not concerned with privacy because I assume I do not really have privacy. Also I am doing nothing i
  2. Hi SweX, I am not sure the web protection module was active on the trial version I was using. Please forgive my ignorance I am just now learning how to use the user interface. It took me a very long time to figure out how to schedule an automatic scan. When I ran into trouble I had probably had 8 tabs open, had closed another 10 tabs and was getting redirects with every click. I was waiting for ESET to do something. I was getting bounced from site to site and was not actually seeing much adult content. One thing I hate about FBI Moneypac is it preys on people who may be embarrassed
  3. Arakasi, I have been reading the ESET guides, the quick guide was easy. The full guide has worn me out after a few pages. I need some sleep it is 5:47 am in Western Pennsylvania. I will get back to you on your latest post and links, hopefully tomorrow.
  4. Hi Arakasi, Glad to hear your response. No I do not need a list. I should apologize because I believe the suggestion you gave me on resetting Chrome wasa very effective. I AM SORRY I DID NOT THANK BEFORE NOW.. I do not understand your statement that Chrome is a poor browser to use. The big three browsers are Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. Safari is used on Apple products. Which browser do you prefer and why?
  5. Hi Ryan & Arakasi, Let's say you have a new mountain bike, it is reported to be the best. Are you going to test it by riding on a smooth sidewalk or go for a ride in the woods? I honestly expected ESET to do 1 of 2 things, either block access to a website based on poor reputation or announce THREAT DETECTED and block access. HAVE BOTH OF YOU EVER KNOWN ESET TO DO EITHER OF THESE THINGS??? Even MBAM will occasionally block access and notify threat detected. I knew what I was doing was not smart, I believed ESET would save me from any problem, I honestly wanted it to announce thre
  6. Many Thanks for the links to the guides. I am sure I use less than 10 percent of my computers potential. My hard drive has a total of 448 GB of space and 409 GB is free. For the most part I surf the web, use my apps and use email. I am not sure I actually had the FBI virus. Chrome was locked I did not find any other problem. I will let you know what MBAM finds, it may take a few days. Again thanks for the links.
  7. Arakasi, You are most kind and I very much appreciate your input. I was engaged in an experiment using ESET Smart Security 7. An online friend reccomended it so I installed it and uninstalled a AV program I have paid for, my paid AV program is valid for another 6 months. My desktop works fine I am being assisted by MBAM support and have run a dianogistic program and submitted the results for review. I would like to continue with them as I am a paying customer with them. WHAT I WOULD MOST APPRECIATE FROM YOU IS A LINK TO A PDF DOCUMENT THAT EXPLAINS THE ESET SMART SECURITY 7 USER INTERF
  8. Arakasi, I do reconise that you are trying to help me. I am not the most experienced person with a computer. I am not upset with you but feel disappointed with ESET. I find it's user interface confusing. I only have the trial version of smart security 7. I can access all programs on my start screen - maybe they are just apps? I do not use word, only wordpad which is fine. I can access my control panel and all installed programs. I did manage to close Chrome with CCleaner. I have not used safe mode, I know what it is but have never used it. If you want to access the URL above I can giv
  9. Hi Arakasi, With respect, I consider my browsers part of my computer. If ESET cannot protect ALL OF MY COMPUTER INCLUDING MY BROWSERS why should I pay for it? After doing all the steps you describe (I am not pleased to lose my data) Chrome will still not close. My computer will not allow me to uninstall Chrome while it is open. Again with respect. Why do you think a complete smart scan will reveal anything after removing and reinstalling Chrome? A complete smart scan currently states no threat found while my browser is infected. If it cannot find a problem now, why should it find a pr
  10. Hi Marcos, Yes, only Chrome is affected. I had to change my defalt browser to Firefox. I have noticed no other problems with my computer. I cannot close Chrome when connected to the internet or not connected. The LOCKED browser basically says, the FBI has locked your browser, you have 48 hours to pay a fine or they will come after me. Fortunately I know the FBI does not take bribes. I have visited adult sites but have not seen anything illegal. My Chrome displayed URL is : fbi.gov.id386324558-25XXXXX901.e327367.com I replaced five numbers with XXXXX so no one will access a problem.
  11. My Google Chrome browser is locked by FBI moneypac virus. I did an in-depth scan and ESET smart security found nothing. Computer scan logs have 6 items for google chrome, 2 end with "error opening" and 4 end with "LOCK-error opening". Does anyone know how to remove FBI moneypac virus??? I have two other browsers I.E. 11 and Firefox 26 or I could not be communicating with anyone.
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