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  1. There appears to be a problem with "smart optimisation" (or my understanding of how "smart optimisation" works) in conjunction with "real-time protection" and "unwanted" detection I have seen various instances (including today) in which I can view/access a file (which has been previously reported by ESET, in one form or another, as an "unwanted" application) without a report being generated... The only time a report is created is when I try to copy the file to a new location - and the new location is reported, but nor the original file... Based on my observations it seems that an update of the virus signature database doesn't reset the "smart optimisation" data ESET records... If "smart optimisation" is based on some MD5/SHA-???-style "checksum" shouldn't this "checksum" be cleared when the virus signature database is updated?
  2. How did you find the ESET Security Forum? I was checking into why one of my machines was offering an apparently "free upgrade" from NOD32 to Smart Security... What OS are you running? I am using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OSX What AV are you running? I have been using NOD32 since early 2004 What’s an interesting fact about you? In the early 1990's I supported McAfee Product in Australia - and was invited to, and visited, McAfee's offices in 1995 for their inaugural AVERT seminars and training... Had many email conversations with Aryeh Goretsky about McAfee products during that time but never got to meet him... By 1997 I had moved to Sophos - whose offices I visited in 1997... In 2004 I set up my own "computer support" business and, after much research, decided (based on Virus Bulletin evaluations - Virus Bulletin being a sister company to Sophos at that time, at least) ESET was the "best" product for me to sell to my (yet to exist) clients - and a couple of years later was very, very surprised to see Aryeh Goretsky named as part of ESET's support team whilst researching some issue with NOD32 ... My "computer support" business is still in operation and I am still selling ESET to clients - converting most from McAfee [or McCrapAfee as I call it nowadays ] and Norton/Symantec... Hi Aryeh
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