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    howardagoldberg gave kudos to MikeO3 in Android 10: Interesting Issue with Location, Permissions, and WiFi identification   
    Thanks for you help and quick response.
    1. Yes, it is Always.
    2. Yes, WPA2 personal (this is my home network WiFi)
    3. Disconnect & reconnect WiFi worked.
    Thank you for your suggestions as it appears to be resolved now after an scan and reviewing the audit summary.
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    howardagoldberg gave kudos to itman in HTTPS Monitoring   
    This is also worth a read and very much indicates that what Avast/AVG is doing is something Google doesn't approve of:
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    howardagoldberg gave kudos to itman in HTTPS Monitoring   
    Interesting article. I checked the environment variables for FireFox; I don't use Chrome, and Eset does not use or need to use this baloney.
    Both Avast and Kaspersky were having issues with use of their root CA certificates in Chrome a while back to decrypt SSL/TLS traffic. Appears this is Avast's solution to the problem and a very insecure one at that.
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    howardagoldberg gave kudos to Marcos in HTTPS Monitoring   
    We intercept network communication, decrypt the SSL communication (not all SSL communication) and encrypt it again after scanning. It's done in a safely manner; if there was a risk of data leak, we wouldn't do it.
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    howardagoldberg gave kudos to itman in ESET issue with Sandboxie - Persistent holding of registry keys   
    My cleaner module ver. is currently 1195 dated 6/10. I could have swore that it had been previously updated to 1198.
    Check what ver. your cleaner module is. If its not 1198, you will have to switch to pre-release updates to get it.
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