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  1. Just a minimalistic request for NOD32 Antivirus. When you hover on the tray icon make visible the virus database version and the corresponding date (like it was in old ESET NOD32 v. 8.0)
  2. Is it possible (for you) to change my displayed name to "John Dow"?
  3. The problem has magically disappeared by itself (the magic of informatics...). Now I am using Edge and have enabled that feature. The question is: what has changed from yesterday when I made the post (in the modules connected to that behaviour, I mean)? Thanks anyway to all you guys
  4. I managed to make a screenshot of the page that "flashes" before it gets completely white (it is in Italian and at the bottom it shows Edge Error Code 0x000C0DE1). I see that they talked about this problem here https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/questions/1460362/edge-error-0x000c0de1 or here (but for heaven's sake I don't want to reinstall Edge....) https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftedge/forum/all/edge-completely-broken/c8e88485-7af1-4958-80ef-1528a417d9ab
  5. Disabled, but it doesn't solve the issue. Let's see if others using Edge have the same problem.
  6. Windows 10 Home 64bit EAV (just updated) Edge 120.0.2210.77 (only extension is uBlock Origin 1.54.0 but it gets automatically disabled) As written in the title, after having updated to EAV it is no more possible (for me) to navigate using Edge. I have to disable "Enable advance scanning of browser scripts" to make Edge work. The only Edge extension I use uBlock Origin (it must be said that I use its option "Disable JavaScript"). Does anyone else have problems with Edge? Firefox portable works perfectly
  7. v13.0.4 - 7,926,784 bytes (marked "suspicious") But I updated TorBrowser via the internal updater so I cannot explain why it shows that TorBrowser is updated, it says version 13.0.5 and, still tor.exe that I find in C:\......\Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Tor is 13.0.4 PS Updated using the proper installer in https://dist.torproject.org/torbrowser/13.0.5/ It seems OK now Let's cross fingers.
  8. Unfortunately the problem with tor.exe detected as suspicious and moved into Quarantine has "reappeared" with version 13.0.5 Can someone investigate?
  9. The problem has disappeared with newer version 13.0.5
  10. It would be more useful, and a minimum effort, to display Detection Engine version for example (just like in EIS, I think, or in old EAV versions)
  11. I don't understand what is "ESET HOME" for. I can perfectly read what EAV says and is in the screenshot posted below, but I can simply "see and manage" my (only one) EAV license in "ESET - Official Online Store" ( https://buy.eset.com/it/cart/login ) I can see when it expires, and how many (... one) I have. So why open a new "account" or register in another (maybe useless, I don't know) site? I can't find anywhere what is the content of "ESET HOME", maybe I lost the right knowledge base page dealing with it. Can someone post some screenshots to see what's inside? So that I can appreciate the difference?
  12. From Marcos reply I understood that is VirusTotal that gives a misleading information, since URLS's are not "scanned" but only compared to vendor's blacklists, and blacklisting is not a real time task.
  13. I wonder why EAV blocks some URL's (with a Java Script warning or trojan) but those URL's, when checked thru VirusTotal, show that "ESET" find clean. I am talking, for example, about these two (the first is a p*rn site) https://watchmdh.to/ hxxp://depositfiles.com/ The ESET "engine" inside VirusTotal is different?
  14. I forgot to say that the same thing happens for ekrn.exe
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