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  1. Many thanks to ESET for being one of the few AV vendors who were unaffected by this update
  2. I just checked and was updated to this version. It has fixed my issue (minor irritation really) of the main gui window popping up when doing non-gui things such as checking file reputation of a file from explorer. Many thanks for this
  3. I renamed eguiActivation.dll as suggested but it did not change the issue I posted above (main window appearing when checking file reputation). I haven't been getting the main window pop up with updates, so someone else will need to post whether this was fixed or not.
  4. I think ESET have made a move to not have egui permanently running in the background, meaning that when the app wishes to report something, it temporarily starts up egui to do so. It appears that in most cases this also brings up the "you are protected" main window in the process. I am finding other odd little effects as a result, eg if I right click a file to "check file reputation", just the reputation box used to appear, but now the egui window opens also.
  5. Just a quick update, I uninstalled ESET and re-downloaded the installer (which was slightly bigger than the one I already had, despite being the same version!). After reinstalling, the file reputation is now working correctly, so thanks Janus for the suggestion
  6. Thanks for the reply, I haven't got round to reinstalling yet. Yes I can see what you say makes sense, however I haven't managed to find any files that show the information. I have tried standard windows files and common update files etc. The image above was using a common java update file.
  7. Many thanks for the reply, I'll try reinstalling as you suggested when I have the time to spare. I was hoping for a more quick solution if possible in the meanwhile.
  8. I am using ESET smart security (latest version) and I cannot get the file reputation window to display properly (right-click file > advanced options > check file reputation using eset live grid), the 3 risk-level columns always remain empty (see attached image). The similar window in the gui tools for running processes works fine. Is there an easy way to fix this? Thanks in advance.
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