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  1. Hi, I saw the new FS 7.3.12002 changelog, and it mentions that support for Windows Server 2008 was removed. Is this valid for 2008 (based on Windows Vista), or 2008 R2 (based on Windows 7) too? Can you clarify? We have many Windows Server 2008 R2 running with the Windows extended updates suscription because of compatibility problems, so this would impact us. Thank you for your clarification.
  2. Hi, Is there any step I have to take before doing an in-place upgrade from ESMC 7 to PROTECT 8 when is located on a ESET-provided Hyper-V appliance? The console already displays the update alert but I am not sure if you can do it. Also: can you upgrade clients to v8 without upgrade the ESMC to PROTECT? Finally: there would be a problem waiting a little longer before upgrade both? I don't want to be an early adopter. Is the v8 tested enough? Regards.
  3. It is a Dropbox problem. We fixed this by installing recent Beta version. https://www.dropboxforum.com/t5/Dropbox-desktop-client-builds/Beta-Build-112-3-254/td-p/476277
  4. The v5 generation of products is SO OLD that even the .2272 version doesn't protect from ANY real threats currently on the Internet (Ransomware, etc.). It is nearly EOL (a matter of days). The ERA v5 is already EOL. If you got that issue, it is because you EVEN hadn't the latest updated build, so, you weren't correctly protected anyway. Windows Defender on recent Windows 10 updates is better than ESET v5. So, please, you CAN'T blame ESET. Keeping the v5 working at this point, even outdated, (and not having a migration plan on time to v7) is not only dangerous but negligent. Geez.
  5. Hi! On a lot of clients from many customers, some users started to see warnings about this (logged in the ESMC console too). Do you know what could be? All of this customers have Microsoft 365 Business installed, and probably many has OneDrive for Business installed (I must confirm this). I googled this IP and this appears: https://twitter.com/ronnytnl/status/1161607881894109185
  6. Hi! Today I received an update notification for my ESMC instances. Where I can find a changelog? Thanks!
  7. Dear Marcos, Please, clarify: A reboot isn't required, but the AV and ESMC console it still will show a warning recommending restart. Is it that right? Regards.
  8. Microsoft releases every month updates to the Office 365 suite and posts changelog here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/officeupdates/update-history-microsoft365-apps-by-date It does SEVERAL hours after the updates are available. You can check next week (patch tuesday). Many other Software vendors do the same. Please calm down and move on.
  9. Update to the latest version. v8 it's so old that it's probably useless for today's protection needs.
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