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  1. If we have installed, will this new version update automatically on top of the current version to work correctly, or will we have to uninstall and install "fresh?" as was necessary for many users last time?
  2. Eset does not update on some systems?

    @Peter Randziak, thank you for this explanation and for making clear that the reason for pulling 11.1.x.x was not due to security concerns/functionality bugs. It would be very helpful, in my opinion, that when such actions are taken, that reasons be offered pro-actively vs. letting users wonder what is going on. I appreciated your responsiveness!
  3. Eset does not update on some systems?

    @Marcos @Peter Randziak ... can we please have some answers as to 1) Why 11.1.x.x was pulled, and 2) For those of us who have 11.1.42.x installed, what concerns should we have? Looking at the EIS forum, the thread on uninstalling 11.1.42.x leading to a non-bootable machine is highly concerning, as is the total lack of documentation as to why a major revision was pulled, and users were not notified.
  4. Eset does not update on some systems?

    @Marcos I was actually just about to post about this. I had turned on a computer not used frequently to run updates, and noticed that ESET did not update to AND that 11.0.159 is what is offered on the downloads page. The fact that was PULLED is demanding of a public explanation. After all the issues that have been reported regarding QA testing, does this mean that those of us on 11.1.42.x are running buggy security software? Should we "downgrade" all of our systems back to 11.0.159? The lack of transparency and communication on what is clearly a critical issue is concerning, and almost intolerable. Please @Marcos, explain to us why 11.1 has been pulled and what are the risks for those of us that were already upgraded? Thank you.
  5. Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

    @anton83 Do you work for ESET? How do you know? I think this question needs to be answered by @Marcos or @Peter Randziak. I am not worried, I want to know whether to block the update for the time being or not.
  6. Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

    Is fully compatible with the forthcoming Windows 10 Spring Creators update which begins release tomorrow? Are there any issues/caveats users should be aware of? Thank you!
  7. Splash Screen displays despite preference set to "off"

    @Marcos I understand the need for some percentage of users to serve as beta-testers/pre-release update testers. However, I have a home office with only a handful of systems, none of them non-critical. In other words, when a machine has an issue, I pivot from doing my job to working as my own IT department. While I have those skills, it is not my primary function. On the other hand, if ESET were to offer incentives for people both using and providing feedback for pre-release updates, that would be another thing to consider all together, as I am always looking for cost savings. There have been a number of QA issues over the past month. They have been detailed in these forums, by me and others. Yes, this one is completely cosmetic, and I do understand that. When there were installation issues from 11.0 to 11.1, I switched to pre-release to get the correct configuration module, then switched back to "regular." At that point, almost all the protection modules failed (big red warnings!), and I uninstalled and reinstalled "fresh." That whole process took several hours. I am not going to potentially spend hours over a splash screen issue. It just needs to be fixed via the next regular update.
  8. Splash Screen displays despite preference set to "off"

    @Marcos Thank you for the prompt response. I am not switching to pre-release. The last time I switched to pre-release and then back to regular release completed corrupted my installation; and since the issue is not critical, but cosmetic, I have no desire/time to play beta tester in this instance. I was able to also test on a Win10 machine without a SSD drive, and the issue is reproducible so it is not Win7 specific. I am pleased that the issue is being acknowledged, but still leaves me with the concerns that: 1) If this setting is not working properly, what other custom setting are not working properly? And, 2) There are general QA issues which need to be addressed. I will wait for the regular release of the module, and report back to you.
  9. Splash Screen displays despite preference set to "off"

    It is set to 0. Again, in the settings, it is set to "off." This is resulting from a "clean" install of 11.1.42.x
  10. @Marcos @Peter Randziak While this has been addressed in other topic threads, no one from ESET has thus far responded. Since updating to (via a fresh install, as the update process was originally problematic), the splash screen is shown during boot up on Win7 x64. The setting for the splash screen is set to "off." Please advise. Thank you.
  11. @Marcos @Peter Randziak Splash screen still displays on boot up, despite the fact that the option is turned off in settings. Win7 x 64
  12. Version Change Log

    If the issue does not effect those using the "Antivirus" product, why push out an update that forces the user to reboot? Are there any known issues for those who had a fresh install of who just got upgraded to I am hoping to not have to uninstall and reinstall again as with the last update. Thank you for any guidance you can provide.
  13. Version Change Log

    @Peter Randziak @Marcos Version was just pushed out via automatic updates, but there is no change log. What is new?
  14. @Marcos @Peter Randziak FYI ... on my Win7 computer, I saw the splash screen flash on the monitor for a moment this morning (didn't notice it yesterday, but I am not necessarily staring at the monitor during boot up) - even though the setting was to turn the splash screen off! I checked to make sure the setting had not reverted, and it was indeed set to off. Unfortunately, that does make me wonder what other settings are not actually being honored. Again, this is a QA issue. I realize the splash screen issue in and of itself is not a security issue and is simply a personal preference ... but if that user defined setting does not function properly one can logically wonder what else is not functioning properly (and for which there would be no visual clues one way or the other)? EDIT: It is possible the issue is also on my Win10 system ... but my Win10 system has a SSD drive and boots pretty fast, so it is entirely possible I just missed it, or perhaps it's a Win7 only issue.
  15. Yes! Thank you for the reminder. On both my systems, the splash screen setting of "off" did not migrate through the in-app update process. I had to turn it back off again.