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  1. This module is still not listed on the Windows 7 system. Is this expected behavior (
  2. @Marcos Thank you for the clarification, very much appreciated.
  3. @Marcos ... As stated in my original post, I am not on pre-release updates on any of my systems. The modules on my Windows 10 system were pushed with my update settings on their default channel (regular release). The release may be staged, which is a reasonable explanation - but the modules are being pushed out for users on the regular release channel, unless I am a unique exception.
  4. I have ESET AV running on a Windows 10 (1809) system and a Windows 7 SP1 system ... both systems are 64-bit and fully patched/up-to-date. This morning upon booting up both systems, I noticed the following: On the Windows 10 system I noticed that a new module is now listed: 'Deep Behavioral Inspection Support Module' (version 1068.1 / dated 03/21/2019). This module is not listed on the Windows 7 system. On the Windows 10 system, the Anti-Stealth Support Module had been updated to version 1150 (dated 02/25/19). On the Windows 7 system this module is at version 1148 (dated 02/11/19). On both systems, ESET appears to be updating itself normally (both have detection engine 19121, Antivirus/Antispyware Scanner module 1550.1, etc. as of the time of this posting - 06:30 Eastern/US - in fact all modules 'match' across systems expect for the two listed above). Any guidance/thoughts? Thank you for any insights that can be provided! Note: Neither system is receiving 'pre-release' updates, both systems are on the 'regular' update channel.
  5. This morning, my ESET Mobile Security, running on a Samsung Galaxy S7 (Verizon), was updated to version via the Google Play store. Yesterday, while I do not recall the version number - in the 'about' section - the app indicated it was a 64-bit app: "ESET Mobile Security (64 bit). After the update, in the about section, it now reads "ESET Mobile Security (32 bit). Why would the update change the 'bitness' of the app? Should I uninstall and reinstall? This is very odd behavior!
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