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  1. howardagoldberg

    Windows 7 | Registration to "Security Center"

    Marcos, I know that "security center" has been around since XP ... but the way it is implemented in W10 is very different from earlier iterations. I will ignore for now, but think it may be something ESET wants to look into. Thank you.
  2. I would not have even noticed an issue, however ... this morning I was checking the log files in the event viewer after booting my computer and noticed the following: At 11:26:37 PM last evening (US/Canada Eastern), the following error was logged: ESET Kernel | Registration to Windows Security Center was not successful (USER: SYSTEM) This error must have been logged at or near the time I shut down the computer last night (not put the system to sleep, but actually powered down). This is a Windows 7 x64 system - fully patched and up to date. ESET AV version Going to the Windows 7 "Action Center," ESET is properly identified as the AV installed, and is reporting that it is on and up to date. ESET itself is reporting "green" (You are protected). Had I not, by chance, been looking at the log files, nothing would have presented as being amiss. This error has never been logged before on this system. Two thoughts/observations: 1) I was not aware that there is a "security center" on Windows 7 that ESET needs to "register" with as there is on Windows 10 2) The Antivirus and Antispyware module was updated to 1541.1 at some point between last evening and this morning Could the new module - perhaps pushed out late last evening - have been attempting to register with the Win10 security system, but failed, because this is a Win7 system? I know that Win7 checks to see what AV is being used, but it is not the same background process that is used in Win10. There was no similar error message logged on my Win10 system, which makes me believe I may be on the right track here. Thoughts?