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  1. I would have to go through the many posts I've made over the years I have participated in this forum to give you specific examples, but suffice it to say ... I have posted at least several dozen times, and the responsiveness of other forum members and ESET staff has generally been outstanding. By the way, I am not an ESET employee - just to be clear. I have been using ESET products for probably 20 years now. I have their products installed on 3 Windows machines, 2 Macs, and 1 Android. This forum has been the source of much valuable information and support.
  2. Sometimes it even takes a day or two for the change log to go live on the Microsoft (Office) 365 page! The stagger the rollout of updates, and don't always update the change log until the release has been widely installed.
  3. These forums are not the official support pages. Change logs are posted here as a courtesy. Bookmark https://www.eset.com/us/home/antivirus/download/, click on 'Advanced download,' and the current change log will be available. ESET has some of the best support in the industry. The fact you don't want to go to the official change log page seems to be the issue.
  4. I don't normally jump in on these types of conversations (rants) ... but I have to say that of all the technology companies I deal with (and have dealt with), ESET is probably the most professional and transparent - and willing to acknowledge when there is an issue. These peer to peer forums are not official support pages, although to ESET's credit, their staff are here all the time providing direct and indirect assistance. In other words, they are paying attention. As @Marcos pointed out, the official change log page was updated at about the same moment that the update went live for those on
  5. I have a 3-user license for ESET Anti-Virus (Windows). At the moment, I am only using 1 seat. Can I use this license key to install Cyber Security on a Mac? Thank you for any insights you can provide!
  6. I purchased ESET Mobile Security via the Play Store two years ago, and would like to add it to my License Manager. However, I cannot find the actual license key, only the public key. Is there a way for me to add this license to my license manager account? Thank you for any insights that can be provided!
  7. It is available at https://www.eset.com/us/home/antivirus/download/ > advanced download
  8. Marcos, respectfully, that does not answer my question at all. Why was the module 'downgraded' from 1380.2 > 1379.6? Did something strange happen at my end (on two different systems) or is the current official version 1379.6? Thank you!
  9. That's what I am suspecting ... but given that 1380.2 was pushed out to address specific vulnerabilities, it would be great to have some information on what is going on ... thus, my post! 🙂
  10. It is weird, and again it's on both of my W10 systems. I have *never* used pre-release updates on either system, so I never disabled them 😉. And again, the date for the 1379.6 version is 7 days more current, but the version number of the module has 'regressed.' Only explanation is this was pushed out by ESET. If it was only on one system, I would look to a 'local issue' ... but it's clearly reproducible.
  11. I am running two systems on Windows 10 x64 (1909). Last evening, I noticed the the HIPS module was at version 1379.6 (01/27/2020). The prior module was version 1380.2 (01/20/2020) The date of the 'current' version is later (January 27) than the past version (January 20), but the version number seems to have been downgraded? Are we still protected from the vulnerabilities that 1380.2 was pushed out to address? Please advise. Thank you! @Marcos @Peter Randziak
  12. My son just 'upgraded' from a three-year old Windows 10 system to a Mac Pro. We have a license for ESET Anti-Virus on Windows, can that license be used to activate ESET Cyber Security on Mac? I did search the forums before posting, as I am certain I have seen this question here before, but I was not able to hunt down the post - so please forgive me if this has been answered already! Thank you 🙂
  13. Correct. But I gave ESET full location permissions, and the issue persists. Giving location permissions actually solved the issue right after the release of Android 10, but a more recent update to the ESET app reintroduced the issue - even if ESET has location permissions granted. (Currently my app is at version
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