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  1. Marcos, respectfully, that does not answer my question at all. Why was the module 'downgraded' from 1380.2 > 1379.6? Did something strange happen at my end (on two different systems) or is the current official version 1379.6? Thank you!
  2. That's what I am suspecting ... but given that 1380.2 was pushed out to address specific vulnerabilities, it would be great to have some information on what is going on ... thus, my post! 🙂
  3. It is weird, and again it's on both of my W10 systems. I have *never* used pre-release updates on either system, so I never disabled them 😉. And again, the date for the 1379.6 version is 7 days more current, but the version number of the module has 'regressed.' Only explanation is this was pushed out by ESET. If it was only on one system, I would look to a 'local issue' ... but it's clearly reproducible.
  4. I am running two systems on Windows 10 x64 (1909). Last evening, I noticed the the HIPS module was at version 1379.6 (01/27/2020). The prior module was version 1380.2 (01/20/2020) The date of the 'current' version is later (January 27) than the past version (January 20), but the version number seems to have been downgraded? Are we still protected from the vulnerabilities that 1380.2 was pushed out to address? Please advise. Thank you! @Marcos @Peter Randziak
  5. My son just 'upgraded' from a three-year old Windows 10 system to a Mac Pro. We have a license for ESET Anti-Virus on Windows, can that license be used to activate ESET Cyber Security on Mac? I did search the forums before posting, as I am certain I have seen this question here before, but I was not able to hunt down the post - so please forgive me if this has been answered already! Thank you 🙂
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