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  1. I missed the *soon* part, thanks!
  2. @Marcos, On Android 11 (Pixel 3, so latest version of Android publicly available) and ESET Mobile Security, dark mode is *not* supported. My system is set to dark mode universally, and ESET still shows in standard mode. Also, as far as I can see, there is no toggle in the app for dark mode. Just FYI. (Not pushing for this, as I agree I don't spend a ton of time in the app ... but it would be nice! However, in this case, function over form would be my priority also.)
  3. And I now can confirm the issue is also impacting Mobile Security on Android. I am 'stuck' on 15011, while the current def version is 15013. Manual update does not throw error, but no new def is downloaded. If it talks like a server issue, and walks like a server issue, it's probably a server issue ... @Marcos
  4. I also have my update interval set to 30 mins. The def update to 23802 was issued over an hour ago. It's been 4+ hours since I received the update to 23801. I am not 'worried,' but based on the fact that last week when this happened, it took a bit of time for ESET to acknowledge there was an issue at their end, I see no reason why asking for them to check to see if something is again amiss is anything but being a good 'citizen.' 🙂 And if I had to bet, I would wager there is another server issue, and better to catch it early than let it linger.
  5. @Marcos Virus Radar shows latest def file is 23082. I am also not seeing updates (still on 23081), even when checking manually. Might you see if there is a sever issue once again? Thanks.
  6. @Marcos Respectfully ... we may have been the only ones reporting it to you. But there was ample evidence to demonstrate it was not a local issue: After seeing the post, I tested on my systems and found the same issue present (original poster from Canada, and I in the United States) I confirmed the issue on three Windows computers, and an Android device, on which ... I tested against my home LAN and Verizon's 4G network Also, the fact that a definition, etc. update issue was presenting on both the desktop and mobile clients was a near 100% indication of a server-side issue. At that point, it really should not have mattered how many were reporting it. It was clearly not a local issue that could be resolved by an end-user. That's all I am saying - at a certain point. ESET staff should check on their own backend systems before asking users to run diagnostics, send logs, etc.
  7. Quick update: Current definition files for Windows and Android have come through in the past 5 mins.
  8. @Marcos I realize it's only been 20 mins since you posted, but updates are not coming through as of yet - just as a FYI. I also want to add: I know that in forums such as these, it's easy to just assume user-error. But over three hours ago, I provided pretty solid evidence that it was not just @Purpleroses that was having an issue - and it felt a bit like it was assumed 'we were wrong' until proven otherwise. It's not that I mind running logging and uploading when the issue is hard to track down, but this was clearly a pretty significant issue that was impacting a good number of users. Perhaps next time, ESET will take the time to research issues at their end before putting the onus on the user (some of whom are not, and have no reason to be, savvy with technology). Thank you for looking into this. It is appreciated!
  9. Thank you @itman. @Marcos ... I think we can feel secure in saying this is an ESET issue, not an issue for an individual system/locale.
  10. @Marcos ... Just to reiterate / make clear: The issue is impacting Mobile Security on Android also (Pixel 3 on Verizon Wireless). The definition on my phone is 14990. The latest definition according to Virus Radar is 14993. Clicking update in the app throws no errors, and continues to state that '14990' is the latest version. I have tried updating using my home LAN and Verizon's 4G network with the same results. So the issue is absolutely not at my end. This is the same behavior I am seeing on my three Windows 10 systems. This is an issue at ESET's end.
  11. I uploaded the logs. It would probably be helpful if you could also ... but let's wait and see what he says. They may have everything they need from my logs. I am pretty confident it's the same issue for both of us. As I detailed, not only am I seeing this on three Win10 systems, I am seeing the same update-issue with Mobile Security on my Android device, regardless of whether I am connected to my LAN or mobile/4G. It's almost certainly an issue at ESET's end. @Marcos
  12. @Marcos I don't have time to deal with this now. Most people are not monitoring this on an hour by hour basis, so I'm not surprised you do not have a torrent of complaints. You have enough evidence to escalate this. In the U.S. > three systems on Win10 Running ESET AV 14.0.22 AND an Android device, plus two confirmed systems in Canada - not receiving updates since 6:45 a.m. or so this morning (nearly 8 hours ago). The issue is at ESET's end.
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