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  1. Hi Micke, Welcome and feel free to post any feedback or questions/problems you might have in the appropriated section. We are all here to help you have a good experience using ESET products !
  2. Hi my peoples !! Miss all of you guys ! Where is Swex ? Going to try and stick my head in here a few times to see whats been going on !!! Maybe even help some people if i have time. I haven't left the ESET fam at all. Just been busy doing partner things & selling the products & services !!!! Cheers ~
  3. Root can also be called the most parent directory of a drive or system/OS file system.
  4. Good day Tani Welcome to the forums. While we don't talk or discuss, penetration testing, intrusions, hash, db, or any other forced de-encryption.... we love to discuss the basics of security and malware prevention. For the most part discussions are about the software. The general section can be used to discuss anything you would like to talk about provided it meets the Terms.
  5. While agree with sandbox, i think the protection from ESET is stronge enough to not require it. The primary customer base however, does not want ESET to switch to the bulky app embedded software protection like most, and i would stress the importance of that in relation to sandbox. I would ask for a web browser sandbox only. Thanks
  6. The distributors don't always have direct contact with ESET everyday. They are given tools, resources, and the product becomes trade. You may wish to contact the distributor you placed the order with and ensure they renewed, got your order, or are not having difficulties finding your account. If you purchased from a distributor, you have to renew with them to keep the same license, ESET can't renew, However you can purchase a new license with ESET, or a new license with the distributor !
  7. Femtocell can intercept too at the phone end.
  8. You can easily intercept that code leaving the server by the way. Never say no one can.
  9. I will contact a few people from project management about the request, as well as a supervisor i have in my address book. We will look into it. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Fairness has been used in the utmost completeness on this topic. We have expressed several reasons, not for us, but for the ESET user base why this is not the direction we would like the company to go in. Staff has also expressed their hesitation to move in the discussed direction. The toolbars and extensions for web trusting is already out there in the thousands for people to use. The basic principles and reasons why ESET should go in this direction have ALSO NOT BEEN GIVEN. The answer " Because 8 others use it " is minimal at best in selling the reason to start. As Aryeh stated, they look for reasons to why they should take such actions, and only move on them when it really is a feature or direction they would like to see added or given to users. Saying that ESET doesn't add new features is also not true. ESET has added a plethora of features based on customer requests. I am sure Aryeh could make a list for us that was customer request and not internal decision if he remembers them all of the top of his head. I don't know about Comodo forums, but i had a sales engineer contact me directly at my office begging for us to be resellers of Comodo Endpoint, after telling him i already sell ESET to my customers, he said ESET sucks. That kind of professionalism will make me stay away for good. I will continue selling ESET to all my clients, HOME and BUSINESS ! I like Swex post above, it made me contrast as well.
  11. Who knows, maybe in the future ESET may provide a Chrome/Firefox/IE browser add on/extension similar to WOT for Smart Security when they feel like it is necessary. For now at least, the idea has now been mentioned and quite well discussed. Exactly, end of story. Anyone is quite welcome to go use those other products, especially if they are so hard up for the features they provide.
  12. In addition, i would exclaim that if ESET started down the path in question, they would essentially remove attention from the program and have to start managing the browser plug-in. Hiring new employees is not the way to handle this, because the current staff already is exceptional, how do we know these new developers are going to be as good as the current ones ? How much time and money and energy would be spent to get them on the same level ? Its not like hiring 1 individual, have him shadow, and learn the policies, you would need to hire a team of people. I agree with the other responses that ESET already has a form of web protection, and if you can give a clear reason why ESET should follow everyone else, with browser plug-ins, i will listen. Stating that 8 other vendors do it, so ESET should fall in line, is exactly why ESET is NOT grouped with those other vendors. ESET makes smarter decisions and that is why ESET has had 500% growth and has been moving ahead of the competition. This is why ESET is the world's No 1 in consecutive VB100 awards and holds the most, this is why ESET has more Advanced+ awards in performance and retrospective tests than any other vendor, which no one has been able to match to date. I don't care if every once in a while one of the other vendors, like Bitdefender or whoever else has landed on a better score than ESET. They will never keep it up, because they make flip flop decisions and copy other vendors. ESET has picked a design, a way of doing things, and they have stuck with it, not letting any outside source effect their goals and plans to stray or switch. Have a super day !!
  13. You sure are being stubborn and selfish to your Googleness. FYI its not going to be the same addon in firefox as it is in google, they will have to make two different types to cater 1 to chrome, and 1 for firefox. It isnt going to be cross-platform. However if you dont want to, dont just constantly post links out of here and create additional posts to 1 single addon, thats not what i asked. I can do all that on my own, however it will take me weeks as i have a life and job. You are the one with the suggestion. Here is a format to follow now: Avast - Online Security (link) Avira - Browser Safety AVG - Secure Search From this list we can really contrast and compare and just search for the addons you are speaking about. If you want to be generalized as you are, then that is also fine, however I will have no interested in trying to get on your side, level, see your point of few etc, im just going to disagree because you dont want to put time and effort into convincing and professionaly giving your point of view. Your just saying, make a browser addon like the rest LOL!! I dont mind taking the time looking at all these addons and testing them out and then agreeing with you, or totally disagreeing, but im not going to hunt for them and guess that i have the right one(s)? Dont all these addons each do something different ? Or are they seriously all the same and do the same thing ? This would be entering my point of view. Why not just use one of those coupled with ESET? Why does ESET need to make one if they are all the same or etc etc etc. I hope you get my side now though, respectfully. Yes i know its just a suggestion, but i like to come to conslusions on some of the suggestions that are posted here, sometimes. Best regards,
  14. Okay, well so far, i only have this to say, even though i still plan to research the individual addons. I don't use Google chrome, and i never will. My cousin works there and i know a high amount of the inner workings. ESET can't target only chrome users. It's unfair.
  15. Just vendor names. Do you have the corresponding tool / addon to list with them you are referring to ? Ex: I think AVG's is AVG Secure Search ?? Am i right ? What of the rest...
  16. Hello, Which 8 anti virus companies ? Please list them, i would love to clarify and reflect on the chosen as well as their comparison to ESET and whether are not i find them personally decent products. This of course is a request, not a demand, you dont have to, but to continue the conversation to the next level would be enjoyable, and i dont want you to feel we are cutting you off. A suggestion is simply that, a suggestion; and we love to talk about them here round and round. Please include vendor and the addon/extension name for research
  17. It is not your job. You are a YouTube malware tester like all the others. You test malware in a VM and think you understand everything. In addition, many things come into play: 1. type of malware 2. language it is written in 3. java installed, flash installed, windows updates applied or none used 4. versions of browsers used if its a web threat 5. are you executing properly 6. are the settings in the products correctly configured 7. are the architecures that the malware is targetting correct 8. are third party platform libraries installed (C++ redist. .net , etc etc) I could go on and on . . . but its apparent now. . .
  18. Well said planet. In a short sense, its unnecessary. And respectively i dont mean no bad intentions towards labview at all, but since its in the same category of additional features which we have talked about, time and time again, i tend to lash out a bit. If ESET began to start making Total protection, or gold, or premium, or advanced version etc. The amount of people and user base that would leave ESET services would be phenomenal. Stock would drop, user subs would drop, things would be utter nutz. ESET will never make a decision that would harm its reputation and do a complete 360, haha 360 total protection. Any additional features that really start to play a major role in security is sought out through partners and other vendors as Aryeh stated.
  19. I may have been misunderstood in my verbage. I use several plug-ins in my own browser, Last pass, lightbeam, Adblock pro, etc etc What i meant to say is that when i see browser extensions coming from a security product i find that stuff junk. They do nothing but weigh things down. ESET is able to provide protection with any browser without even touching any part of the browser. And if they did ..... it would require a lot of attention and updating and testing etc just like Aryeh said. If you want a web site reputation addon, use an alternative, they already exist, so why should ESET make one ?
  20. I think ESET does have pre-defined rules for HIPS, you just can't see them. Maybe ESET can bring these out into the open for editting.
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