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  1. Thanks for the straightforward reply, Marcos.
  2. Hello, Just chimed in to ask if there is any development concerning the problems between ESET and Windows 10 April Update 32 bit: "Modules fail to load" "Antivirus Protection is Nonfunctional" Is there anything being done on Microsoft part to resolve this issue or it is going to simply stay like that and the protected service will stay disabled?
  3. Yes, it is the same here - WIN 8.1 64 bit though I'm with the AV only version.
  4. Just to add something I have said on other forums as well - ESET's betas are much more stable than some vendor's stable releases. That's my experience. I like better some other products feature-wise and GUI-wise but at least with me ESET is at the moment the best crossing point of detection, features, stability and use of PC resources.
  5. Sorry, I meant 7.0.317. Yes, it is written fixed in the change-log but in the new version 7.0.317 the toast notifications are not there at all, replaced by the old way of Eset warning windows.
  6. Hello again, I'll repeat my 2 unanswered questions. Please anyone that could spare a minute to reply: 1. Is version 7.0.302.26 providing the same protection as the new 7.0.307 version? (modules are the same) 2. Is ESET planning to bring back the toast messages in Windows 8 and 8.1 or the warnings will be as they were in the past - windows in the down right corner? Thank you!
  7. Well, I don't want to change again and I don't have the time to fiddle. I uninstalled and reinstalled before putting the older version and the same glitch. I also don't see how it can be fixed as I don't have anything else installed to conflict besides Hitman Pro free to occasionally check my PC. I prefer to stay with the previous version just would like to confirm that I'm protected just as well as I would be with the new version. Also I like the toast messages in version 7.0.302.26.
  8. OK, I downloaded the old version 7.0.302.26 from Filehippo and after uninstalling the new version, installed the old one. No problems whatsoever with the interface. I'll stay with it until the next version comes. Considering that modules are the same in both versions I suppose I don't lose anything protection-wise? Also a small question - are toast-notifications on detecting a threat abandoned in favor of the old Eset notification windows? Because they are no more in the new 7.0.317 version.
  9. I have excluded Utorrent in Protocol filternig, it helps a lot in not slowing internet browsing when your torrent client is downloading with high speed.
  10. I encountered another glitch, connected with the original one by accident. When you have opened the UI and you are on the Computer scan tab, if you do a right-click scan the window hangs and the notification in the bottom right corner stays black for a while, hangs, before coming out right with the displayed information. No any hangs if you are on any of the other tabs on the left.
  11. Most probably the outcome is that this is a bug since it happens on different platforms - you're in Win 7 and I'm on Win 8 (as stated in my thread about the interface glitch).
  12. Thank you very much, Nedim, but I really doubt it has something to do with an external drive in my case. It is only the Computer scan tab in the main windows that is freezing and it is not only on first opening of the menu - it is always like that. Not any delays in context-menu scans.
  13. Yes. And Arakasi - yes it is always reproducible. Forgot to mention that I'm on Windows 8.1 update 1 32 bit, no other security software realtime. I haven't tried with Graphical User Interface disabled, will do when I get back from work. One other thing - I didn't have this glitch with the previous version. P.S. I tried with Graphical user interface disabled - it is the same - freezing for a few seconds upon clicking Computer scan.
  14. Hello, guys, I just want to make sure whether this glitch is not only on my PC. On the left all tabs are working and switching OK except Computer scan - when you click on it it takes a few seconds to show. So a few seconds freeze occurs. This is the only interface glitch I've encountered. Has anyone else experienced it?
  15. You say you have Internet Protection Module v1130 dated 6/5/2014, mine is till 1128 - regardless whether I'm on normal or pre-release updates. Are you on pre-release updates? P.S. OK, I got it as well through pre-release.
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