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  1. Eset File Security PDF/Phishing.A.Gen

    Ok I'll continue to submit samples via email. I suspect that I had so many false positives at first because I scanned for old files and folders from around 2008 so as not to disturb my current users. I'm now scanning more recent stuff and haven't (yet) had another false positive. Thanks, Matthew
  2. Eset File Security PDF/Phishing.A.Gen

    Thanks for the quick reply. I have several PDFs that have links in them, which are not phishing links, but which trigger ESET. For example please see the attached PDFs in a zip file. I'd prefer not to have to exclude all pdf's by file type. Matthew
  3. Hi All, I'm currently trailing Eset File Security for Windows, and it seems to be picking up a lot of my user's PDF files as PDF/Phishing.A.Gen. It looks like ESET is just flagging them because they've got an embedded link which might lead to a phishing site? Is it possible to turn off this one single detection? Thanks, Matthew