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Back with with the excellence that is ESET

Sonoran Desert

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For what it's worth: I recently came back to ESET (ESS) after using Norton and Avast for quite a few years and dabbling with Webroot and Bit Defender. (The "unbiased" magazine/online reviews swayed me).

ESET just exudes quality, excellence and superb craftsmanship in all facets with layers of protection, rock steady reliability and no drain on computer resources.
Everything in ESET is just so well thought out and executed. I also appreciate the minimalist (some say outdated) interface.

My older computers don't even know ESET is installed (unlike BD, which they choked on).


The knowledge base is hands down the best in the business as is the forum. There's a good number of brainiacs who post on the forum, more so than others forums I've looked at.

It's pretty impressive when someone complains of a bug in ESET that one of the mods (like Marcos) says, "Nope, it's not ESET, it's a bug in so and so's software, we verified it and told them how to fix it".

ESET doing other software vendors research and then telling them how to fix their software. 


None of those annoying, troublesome green dot/traffic light browser plugins that didn't work or broke the browser so you'd have to disable them anyway.

I don't use the the antispam in ESS 8, it's nice that I can disable it and not have the taskbar icon turn red and tell me I don't have maximum protection.

The firewall in ESS 8 works flawlessly, not causing any problems whatsoever (unlike Avast and especially Norton not letting Outlook retrieve/send email).


I went away from NOD32/ESET after version 3 and now coming back to the excellence of ESS 8 I'm kicking myself for ever leaving.

Well that's my story, ESET and I are going to make beautiful music for 2015 and beyond.  :wub:



I can hear my wife telling me "I wish you would fuss over me like you do with ESET".  :P



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Welcome to 2015 and to ESET, @Sonoran Desert! :)

And thanks for the kind words - it's nice to hear that and I can fully agree to the things you said.


And as you have used v3 before you may find many new features in the v8. :)


So have a malware-free year and enjoy safer technology with ESET in 2015!

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Thanks for returning and giving a deserving company another chance to keep you protected.

Feel free to browse the forums and touch on any recent topics, you feel you could add to, or compliment.

Welcome to the forums ~

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Welcome back Sonoran Desert,


I think we all agree with your post in one way or the other.

Personally I agree with more than one thing that you mention in your post :)

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Great to have you back!

Couldn't agree with you more, with similar reasons why I consider ESET to be one of the best security solutions out there.


Like the others have already said, thank you for the kind words regarding the forum and all the best for the year ahead.  ^_^

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