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Purchased 4 eset Licence from a micro site, Activation gives error contcat support. Support hasnt replied in 3 days

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Dear Eset Mods/Staff

Please help

i have purchased 4 eset licence froma  micro site, they gave me code and asked me to fill hxxp://www.eset.com/us/register/en/

however it fails 

"There was an error registering your serial number. Please contact support"


I asked the microsite guys for help, they even reissued another key and the same error occurs.


Please some one help me.

they now want me to forward them complete transcription fromeset, and then only will proceed with investigation. I created support complaint 2 days back no reply yet.



I never knew buying eset nod32 could be so painful. Your website has no proper format to take a person to support. most links just point out to

There was an error registering your serial number. Please contact support


no info of contact email address.


Seek your cooperation


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  • ESET Moderators

I'm not sure what a "micro site" is, but based on your region, if you fill out the support form here hxxp://www.eset.com/me/support/contact/ you should receive a response quickly--unless the key isn't an ESET key, and then there might not be much ESET support can do for you besides refer you back to the dealer or whatever that is. 

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsite ??


But it doesn't seem as the TS mean this.

Or maybe this? hxxp://www.microcentertech.com/eset/


So Mustang can you give us a link where you bought this?

And just BTW when did you contacted the support stuff (and how/on what web page) do you contacted the support staff?

Because you say 3 days and 3 days ago was Saturday I don't think that many supporter work at the weekend.

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Thank you Both.
i bought from here






I sent support request on .com page of eset, Or on .int page i dont remember. In my great attempt to reach some one. I have visited International page, support section, Middle east support section. and USa , (.com) support section

i have no notification that my support request has been received -.- 

today i again created another request from the link provided.

GOing thru the process of requesting a support or help is big deal on eset's page, after numerous clicks do we finally get to reach a place where we can actually Type something and ask for request.
its alike a great invisible wall that reads, Backoff donot disturb.

not very welcoming. I myself was not aware of what microsite means. I used that term after one one of the attempts to push request for support, had me to choose "Purchased license from microcenter site"  and i thought online resellers are called as such.




I generally avoid Middle east pages  They usually lack Motivation and CS skills to do anything.
This goes from Known well branded international fast food restaurants to cosmetics shops or even top branded apparel shop. Rest assured if its a saudi arabia website, Imagine the website to be one dark room with one guy visiting only one corner of the room once a week , and they dont reply.

I had purchased cisco router, which used to go on random boots on DAY 1.  Live support from Uk was my saviour who after helping me reflash it, and then following it up, suggested where in saudi arabia i should take it for a free service repair.  The actual authorized seller didnt entertain me and almost pushed me outside his shop stating, its prolly your internet is at fault. i cant do anything.  
on other hand when i had contacted live support from U.S she refused any service stating i must seek service support from my region. 

i can give examples of KFC and other brands too, but i guess the point is clear why i came here.


Anything you guy's can do, is appreciated. As of now i hope some one will reply from my earlier support request or todays request.
In the end, i will have to use paypal to intervene, and i am not sure how they handle digital sales.


The online reseller's basically want me to investigate on their behalf why the keys dont work. It should be them doing the probe. However let me add, i have purchased around 500 usd goods from them which all have come through. But i hate it, when there arises a problem, and people leave you to deal with it yourself .
I need to stop rambling now.

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Well... 6.37€ for ESET NOD32 is very, very cheap...

So I hope it's a real genuine license.


But if you say you have made good experiences with them then it may be valid license.

And with "Purchased license from microcenter site" they maybe mean the reseller I already linked to: hxxp://www.microcenter.com/search/search_results.aspx?N=4294964024

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Today The ME Guys replied

"Dear Mr. Mustang, 

Thank you for choosing ESET Products.

The serial numbers are from Germany, please contact ESET GERMANY for support.


If you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,
ESET Customer Service
Tel: +357 22873873 | Fax: +357 22873999
Email: service@esetme.com





I would appreciate if Mr foniel You could give me the Germany Guys Contact link.
I visited the site to find myself, But got lost in google translate and page layout. 

Who could i send the codes to?

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  • ESET Moderators
  • Solution

I have been in contact with Mustang in a PM and have verified the serial numbers.


There is an issue with these serial numbers and therefore, they should not be sold online and cannot be used. 


If anyone buys and receives serials that you cannot activate beginning with "DEA6" or DEA7 or some other prefix DE%%, you need to ask for a refund from the original seller you purchased it from.

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Yes this free codes could explain the situation.
However they are only valid for NOD32. And they should also only valid for a special version of NOD32 v7.
However they work for NOD32 v8 too. (at least with an upgrade from the previous version)
But if these free licenses are really sold then it would be illegal - because this licenses are clearly marked as "NFR - not for resale".

And to quote @foneil...

There is an issue with these serial numbers and therefore, they should not be sold online and cannot be used.


Edit: Ups, sorry foneil, it was you and not Marcos - my apologises for this.

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