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Ransomware Lockbit 3.0, Can ESET detection this ransomware ?

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Hello everyone,

on my region this variant ransomware is popular right now, this variant can infected multiple platform and this is very dangerous, because, I'm a worried about this type of ransomware threat, i know ESET abble to detection one of variant based on virus total.
But this one of variant lockbit 3.0 ? i dont know. 

is there any information related to ESET being able to detect variant Lockbit 3.0 such as information on the detection engine version and dates lauch or articles related to ESET having detected this variant.

this data can use me and my team to push work hard to try defend more agresive on another scope, if ESET can detect this variant at long ago,
I hope this article can also help others who need this information. 

thank you, 

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It is impossible for any security vendor to guarantee that any future versions of particular malware will be 100% detected. ESET has detected various variants of the LockBit ransomware since 2018 when it appeared for the first time.

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I know marcos, none 100% security vendor to abble guarantee detection and totally full protected of all possible objects, but this information can help anyone ESET user, to inform that the product they use can detect and protect against this type of ransomware, and try to see other aspects that are lacking to ward off this attack.

thank you @Marcos

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Posted (edited)

FYI - latest Lockbit version is named "Green" which is targeting;


underground researchers noticed that the LockBit gang has modified their VMware ESXI ransomware variant. It is an enterprise-class, type-1 hypervisor developed by VMware for deploying and serving virtual machines.


Also of note is;


The behavior of the LockBit administrators was obviously unacceptable to the developer, who decided to leak the source code of LockBit 3.0.

Which accounts for almost all security products being able to detect it.

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27b8ee04d9d59da8e07203c0ab1fc671215fb14edb35cb2e3122c1c0df83bff8 - a variant of Win32/Filecoder.Lockbit.P trojan
45c317200e27e5c5692c59d06768ca2e7eeb446d6d495084f414d0f261f75315 - a variant of Win32/Filecoder.Lockbit.Q trojan
b3ea0f4f442da3106c0d4f97cf20e244b84d719232ca90b3b7fc6e59e37e1ca1 - a variant of Win64/Filecoder.Lockbit.A trojan
fb49b940570cfd241dea27ae768ac420e863d9f26c5d64f0d10aea4dd0bf0ce3 - a variant of Win64/GenKryptik.FSFZ trojan


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