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tomcat update - manual or AIO installer ?

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we need update tomcat to latest version due corporate policy. other Eset Protect products like web console,...  are  up to date and udpated regulary by tasks. but current tomcat is 9.0.35, so it's out.  

there's no  info how current Eset PRotect upgrade was made , via AIO installer or manual upgrade. 
is  somewhere info about upgrade/installation path  ? 

I'm folloving steps in doc for AIO update https://help.eset.com/protect_install/90/en-US/upgrading_apache_tomcat_windows_allinone.html , but last AIO installer has unavailable/ greyed upgrade option , when mouse hover over greyed Upgrade option, Everything is Up to date is shown. 

what is recommended steps to detect reason why upgrade is unavailable ? is there some logs ? 

switch to manual tomcat update will break AIO updates/upgrades path in future - is this presumption  correct ?

thanks for advice



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  • ESET Staff


"component upgrade task" does not upgrade the 3rd party libraries, including Apache Tomcat. Per my information, the only way how to update those, is either manually, or using the AIO. However, the AIO you have downloaded, my still have the currently installed version in it, what is the reason, that the upgrade option is "greyed out". 


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in AIO installer in thirdparty folder is newer version  - tomcat installer 9.0.54, on server is 9.0.35 version.
it stay greyed if tomcat installer is replaced with latest tomcat 9.0.62

are some logs to detect greyed out reason  ?

or manual upgrade is only way ? 

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  • ESET Staff

could you please check "installers" subdirectory of all-in-one installer for file named like this: apache-tomcat-9.0.54-windows-x64.zip? It is actually standard/official tomcat installer to be used by all-in-one installer and it can be possible replaced with later version to be used for upgrade.
In case upgrade of tomcat will be still disabled, could you please specify history of you environment in terms of when and how was initial version of tomcat installed? Was it clean installation of ESET PROTECT or it is being upgrade from previous versions?

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hi martin, 

tomcat installer file with name apache-tomcat-9.0.54-windows-x64.zip  exist in extracted dir structure.
setup structure was run extracted  from current downloaded ESET AIO instaler zip . same situation - greyed update when setup runs from iso installer. 

installation history is not quaranted , but i think AIO upgrades was made from 6 to 7 to  9 version.

would help setup logs , but i cant find any. 

we need to solve tomcat upgrade , so upgrade will continue in manual way. 

thanks for your effor to with my problem. 

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  • ESET Staff

I would recommend to open support ticket to be sure. It seems there might be some issue with upgrading caused by previous upgrades. Solution might be to just uninstall and install it again, but that might have some consequences so I recommend to ask support for assistance.

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