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SysRescue issue on Multi-Monitor System

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Hello, I tried to report this directly to ESET, but they told me that any SysRescue bug reports needed to be reported in the forums and sent me here.  Since I couldn't find a SysRescue forum, I was going to post this in General, but I'm not allowed to post there (everything is grayed out.)  So, since SysRescue is a malware scanner, I figured this was the next best place to report.  Please move this to the correct topic if I am mistaken.  Thank you.  Now, here's what I tried to report:

I downloaded the SysRescue ISO on Dec 3, 2021 and when I booted it up on my multi-display system, all screens had the same 'desktop', but only one screen has a task/menubar and a DIFFERENT screen had the running program and mouse pointer. The mouse pointer will not move to any other screen, so the taskbar is inaccessible ... hopefully I will not need it after the scan is completed. I'm attaching a photo of the screens for reference. Also, the display adapter is an older NVidia Quadro with four Display Port outputs.

[EDIT 1: I am suggesting that when SysRescue detects multiple monitors, it would be best to mirror a single screen to all displays instead of giving each screen a separate (but linked) desktop instance. That way, no matter what monitor is active, the user will see exactly what the SysRescue package is expecting to show them.]

[EDIT 2:  I later discovered that the mouse would move to other screens, just not in any sequence that I was expecting. I was forced to make this discovery because something that opened after the scan was finished started on a different screen and I needed to find a way to interact with it.]


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1, Issues must be reported to your local ESET partner who also maintains technical support for their customers. This forum is a place for sharing knowledge with other users and is not meant a channel for reporting and tracking issues in the first place. If issues are reported here, the user should raise a support ticket as well, at least if no solution is provided here in a time manner.

2, ESET SysRescue is built on a Linux live system. Any technical issues that concern the particular Linux distro itself cannot be sorted by ESET.

I'd recommend raising a support ticket. Also you can try creating an Ubuntu live medium yourself to find out how it works with your hw and multiple monitors.

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Thanks.  As I said, I tried submitting a support ticket and I got this back (along with a link to the forums):



Thank you for contacting ESET North American Customer Support,

We apologize but you will need to use our forum for questions in regards to SysRescue .


So the support technicians say to use the forums and a forum admin says to use a support ticket (and also blames linux.)  Sigh.  Oh well, I give up trying to help ESET improve its products for future (and continuing) customers.

I really like ESET's products, but their tech support...not so much.  Thanks (I guess) and Goodbye.

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I will have a colleague from ESET LLC check the communication with you. Definitely this forum is not a place to report issues instead of creating a support ticket so there must have been some misunderstanding or miscommunication, we'll see.

As I wrote, ESET SysRescue is nothing but Ubuntu live with ESET on it. If there's a hw or driver issue with Linux itself, it's something that ESET cannot affect.

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Re: Linux...  I've build enough embedded systems based on linux to know that there is a HUGE amount of configuration that the 'entity' packaging a product with a bootable linux can do to control how the system starts and what hardware it will use/expect, etc.  I've never needed to look into multi-monitor support (I usually have NO monitor, myself) but I would be surprised if there was not an option to configure the system to mirror a single screen to all displays discovered. Another possibility would be to configure the system to only use the first monitor discovered and ignore the extras (obviously, ESET doesn't need them!) but it is possible that may be a powered off, disabled or otherwise non-functional monitor, so mirroring to all is better.

Remember, I actually trying to help...  I have five ESET licenses (three Windows and two Android), but I still like to boot the latest SysRescue disk from time-to-time to be sure that nothing is running at boot that may be preventing my regular ESET product from detecting anything.  If the program comes up on a screen that doesn't have keyboard or mouse focus ... that would be a rather large problem for me.  I'm hoping that ESET's linux packaging team (person?) is interested in at least trying to address this potential problem.

Thanks again for your responses and your patience.  😀

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I think you maybe getting the run around because they dropped Linux support a few months back. So I really wouldn't expect them to make any changes to the above.  

What I do find funny is that it says system requirements are that you have windows installed. 😂

Surely the system requirements should be empty as it is a self contained operating system with the ability to scan windows based operating systems.

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