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ESET Business Account last missing devices or last seen not connected many days

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We're a company form Holland providing IT-services to our clients.

One of our customers is using ESET Business Account to overview 35 licences. The following problem occurs:

The clients/activated devices are all macOS clients using ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Mac, except for one Windows client.
We know for sure almost that these devices have a working ESET Endpoint solution because we checked it manually.
And it's installed with the correct ESET license.

But when we look at the "Activated devices" we can see all sort of devices which reports an error "Activated device not connected for .... days". 
These errors even come up with devices that are still running ESET Endpoint correctly.

What can this be? Why is this "last seen" date reporting they are not connected? 


Kind regards,


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  • ESET Staff

Hi Dennis,

That would indicate that there is some problem in communication between the particular device, and ESET licensing servers. 


Other possible explanation would be, that device will be present there "twice", meaning, it changed the network adapter, and it resulted in the seat "duplication", so the total amount of used devices in EBA would be higher than the actual number of devices in use. 

Do you use "ESET PROTECT" to manage them, or are the devices just installed and controlled locally by the computer users on each machine? 

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  • Administrators

First of all make sure that a firewall is not blocking ekrn.exe communication with ESET data framework servers listed at https://support.eset.com/en/kb332.

If that shouldn't be an issue, carry on as follows:
- enable advanced licensing and network protection logging in the adv. setup
- reboot the machine
- disable logging
- provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector.

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