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  1. I agree that those not security aware will probably not enable it in general. However with 2FA at least Eset would be doing their part. I suppose it's like saying don't open dodgy emails, people do but Eset has protections. I also find it strange that I'm sure I've seen it recommended to have 2FA enabled on posts on welivesecurity which is ran by Eset, yet eset is not using it itself.
  2. Hopefully 2FA will be soon. I have mentioned previously this will keep happening
  3. Just to note I'd not recommend using your guest name as your email address as anyone visiting can see it and it also opens it up for potential spam
  4. Again as I've said while this could be an okay move there are plenty of VPNs out there compatible with Eset. A lot of people prefer their AV to only work as an AV
  5. I'm also split with this. Sometimes using a third party thing with an AV can have benefits e.g. less development time and probably better cost wise as someone else has developed. However it means your also relying on another company. If for example Eset used another companies VPN, even if a customised version, and something wrong happened e.g. big security breach, it could damage both companies. At least with the AV company developing it they will have full control.
  6. As I've mention elsewhere the updates seem a lot quicker for me as of late. However right now I am seeing Eset is updating itself according to the icon (spinning disk and says so when hovering over it). However I watched the update myself and it finished fine with eset showing the correct update time for the last update. Running an update manually also shows there are no updates but the icon still shows as updating
  7. Nope apart from the android version. I belive you can possibly upgrade your license however. You'd need to contact where you bought it from e.g. go to your countries eset site
  8. Did you pay for the pro version? I think from what I recall automatically updates only come with the paid pro version and the free version requires the user to update manually
  9. It seems some are seeing Eset scanning for updates in the taskbar icon but eset itself in the update area isn't looking for updates. I've had issues myself with updates taking a while but I've never seen the icon claiming to be looking and eset itself not, but I've seen screenshots showing that it can do this
  10. I presume you mean you use norton 360 and eset online - if you are using eset desktop, it's not advised to run another AV with realtime protection enabled due to clashes
  11. Is it not recommended to use secure browser in general as I'd presume it would be better protection wise
  12. It has different features. When it comes to AVs it depends on a number of factors e.g. test results, false positive etc. Kaspersky is avoided by some also due to the US allegations of the Russian government having a hand in it
  13. What I've gotten from what I've seen from Eset is if costs too much to run the Linux home user version which is based on an older version. The cost issue is mainly due to lack of users e.g the amount of users is too small to justify the cost. I'm not a Linux user but from what I can see the business versions use a newer system not compatible with the old home version. What I wonder is if there was a way to basically use the business version but with the features of the home version in a way that wouldn't incur any additional costs as it is using the business version rather than its own separate version
  14. Yes I like this idea. The biggest thing however. Myeset needs which is apparently planned, is 2FA. The more tools available the more important to protect users
  15. I didn't use it back then but I remember reading a lot of those in IT recommended Eset
  16. Here is a picture of the update from the other day that took 20 minutes. In previous versions my system crawled during the update but in this version it doesn't seem as bad but I do wonder if it slows down the system slightly. I've tried to avoid doing anything during the update but it is still very slow. As you can see in the screenshot it is 446 kB which is why I'm wondering if there is an issue. I understand making the update use lower resources could have some use but in reality an update that is under 1MB taking 20 minutes doesn't sound good
  17. How long should it take though because generally speaking on bootup eset is taking often in the region of 20 minutes to update. I've supplied some logs and understand that it is using less resources but something under 1mb should be quick. I can imagine a lot of people thinking something was wrong with their AV due to this.
  18. This sounds like the same issue I've been witnessing that I've shared via the beta area - just about to share some logs on there. I should note this is on startup, not running windows update, although I don't know if windows update is running.
  19. If you mean what has exactly changed, the latest few changelogs are available when visiting the eset site and clicking download e.g. https://www.eset.com/uk/home/internet-security/download there is a changelog showing the last few versions. I'm not sure if there is a changelog anywhere that has the full history of changes. Some sites like wikipedia show the basic changes in each new version e.g. 10 and 11 etc. but haven't been updated in a while and don't show the changes still on that main version e.g. they don't show 10.1, 10.2 etc. New versions also get posted as an announcement on the forum.
  20. I'm split. I wouldn't mind if Eset introduced it but there's the debate if AVs should basically focus on being AVs and leave the other stuff to other users.
  21. Hard to know exactly what it says as I only know English but you could try running the scan as an administrator and possibly in safe mode if that works. Not sure if they might be PUA @Marcosmight be able to confirm this. PUA is potentially unwanted applications and it's down to the user to decide if the risks are worth it
  22. As mentioned in the previous post, the components are only updated when needed. E.g. if hasn't been updated in 2 months as there has been no issues discovered/reported in the firewall for 2 months. As far as I'm aware the only thing that is updated regularly, at least on a daily basis, is the malware signatures
  23. Old versions are not recommended. The support is limited and some have no support. Older versions also have missing features and bugs that aren't fixed. By using an older version you are putting your computer at risk
  24. Which if I'm right is sadly not included with home products. Do you think eset would ever include this feature in the premium version?
  25. Not sure what transcript is but I've always preferred using a paid AV over a free one because as they say there's no such thing as a free lunch. In regards to Eset you can add files into exceptions. Eset also has a potentially unwanted application (PUA) option that alerts users of files that aren't technically malware but could be unwanted or possibly use suspicious practices. In regards to this option it is down to the user to decide if the positives outweigh the risks and you can set exceptions if you want to use them
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