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  1. Is this just for ccleaner or does this occur if trying to add another .exe
  2. It seems to be more actual website owners I've noticed complaining they've received no reply and technically it's against forum rules to post requests website related on here if I'm correct. Like I said it's probably a lot of work to check what is blocked and inform them but if they don't receive a reply they normally end up coming on here
  3. Yeah I think if there was more communication it would stop people posting on here. For example a lot of people post their own sites on here after emailing them and having no answer. Often there is malware but if Eset replied it would prevent then having to come here and break forum rules. I know this may be easier said than done as they probably receive a lot of emails
  4. I should add that no AV can ever guarantee 100 percent. Think of it like a vaccine for real viruses, there's always a risk of something not working, being missed etc. Generally though most AVs will pick up most stuff and the more advanced threat actors tend to target high profile users and businesses. Eset is a great AV and as long as you follow safe procedures like sticking to safe sites etc. You'll be fine
  5. Hello if no one is responding staff wise you could try and create a support ticket via the website as this will always be responded to
  6. Not sure if this will help https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-find-a-piece-of-code-in-all-of-my-websites-files
  7. Was steam part of the issue with this? Not had it happen in a while but noticed others had the issue with steam running
  8. I do prefer it enabled because if they do release a fix its handy to test it otherwise they wouldn't know if it's properly working or if it's caused possible other issues. Obviously eset will probably have quality control but there's that many hardware combinations that things can be missed
  9. As far as I'm aware the pre release version contains fixes to issues and eset recommend people use it to see if it works and if there are any other issues. However eset don't recommend activating it on work computers in case of any issues
  10. I can confirm 7 0.16 has just been released which fixes the issue
  11. Sounds the same issue currently present on the Beta version
  12. I will say the quote "by enabling autopay" makes it sounds like it is an option
  13. I use Sticky Password myself which ESET's old password manager was based on. It is okay but has some missing features and isn't really updated a lot. I found in the past when job hunting some sites would use the same service and have the name in the subdomain which used to confuse it. Not sure if that is still the same
  14. Try uploading them to a file sharing service. If you don't want anyone else to see them send the link in a PM
  15. I should note that eset uses a different product now password manager wise
  16. Any attachments on here can only be viewed/downloaded by Eset staff so if privacy is a concern you will be safe. Not sure what the max size is but if it's too big you can upload it to a file upload site
  17. The problem was that the update was taking ages and slowing stuff down. I think the file had merged a couple of ones. Going to delete it and then try again if the issue occurs
  18. https://easyupload.io/an7iw8 sorry for the delay - not sure if this will be any good, but I've also recently updated Eset to the latest beta and will also monitor that to see if the behaviour has changed. ESET is the password
  19. To avoid other complaints/confusion, would it not be better to have a slider on the page so the user can have it disabled when purchasing rather than having to get the user to agree to it first before opting out.
  20. Ah good to know. Do you think it'll take a while for the fix?
  21. Good to know it's reproducible as it was starting to bug me
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