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  1. The new thing for essp hasn't been launched yet but is possibly coming in the next few months (not sure when). This will be exclusive to essp as in other lower versions will not have it
  2. As mentioned some files are locked by the OS and some are password protected. If you can, there is an option to run the scan as an Administrator which may help with some but for those listed above this won't help and can just be ignored
  3. After reading the link I'm still unsure why they left although I presume it costs to take part? Just from a marketing perspective if they had the best run and kept getting great results why leave. Some do pick their AV based by results and surely having more good results would help
  4. As an alternative Free Download Manager might be good - it's a free although a bit basic, but as far as I'm aware not detected as anything e.g malware or PUA
  5. The Bitdefender one doesn't seem to let you click anything. It looks nice and flashy but if you can't click into things for more information on specific malware it seems a bit pointless
  6. Maybe there should be an option for no addons
  7. If you use Eset Smart Security Premium it includes a password manager that warns you of account breaches e.g. if you have accounts with sites that have reported breaches
  8. Generally speaking eset will release updates to fix any bugs, vulnerabilities. These haven't needed any changes or any issues, bugs etc. haven't been found so there isn't any reason to update them. Theoretically anything could have issues that haven't been found yet but I belive Eset will have things in place to avoid issues e.g. it has ifs self defence setting. The main thing is just make sure you have the latest main version and that your signatures are being updated daily
  9. Yes far as I know secure all browsers is basically banking protection but for the full browsers rather than just banking sites. I belive it encrypts keys to prevent keylogging. @Marcosis there a page for secure browser as I've seen a few ask questions in regards to it but Googling only seems to show a page for endpoint?
  10. Hi posting it here might be okay but there is also a place for posting suggestions which I'll link bellow
  11. You mentioned you can't find the file. Try enabling the option to show hidden files first https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/view-hidden-files-and-folders-in-windows-10-97fbc472-c603-9d90-91d0-1166d1d9f4b5
  12. Have you installed/downloaded anything lately as it seems you have a coinminer. Does this occur only when the browser is open? If so could be an addon
  13. Ha I presumed you where a paying customer and hope you took no offense just had never heard it called pure.
  14. Just curious what your experience was with the desktop version of Eset as the online version uses the same databases but desktop has extra features so should be far better security wise
  15. I should also note that Eset's password manager is not actually developed by Eset or is at least based on another companies product. It previous used StickyPassword but can't remember who it uses now or if Eset adds its own stuff to it. So I presume it probably depends on what the original developer plans. I should note this seems to be a common practise for AVs and is no reason to be concerned. As far I'm aware this is the only feature not developed in house
  16. I believe what the user is meaning is using the password manager as an authenticator. Found this for 1Password https://support.1password.com/one-time-passwords/ What this basically seems to suggest is with some password managers you can use the app to also show the 2FA codes, similar to the Google Authentication App. I myself use an app called Authy for this. This is an interesting idea but not sure what i think as having your passwords and the authentication tokens in the same place could also be risky
  17. Do you use Powerline adapters by any chance? Sounds like a similar issue I've had a few times but not in a while. The problem seemed to be happen with me when I'd turned my computer on but not turned my downstairs powerline adapter on (my router is downstairs). Like you some things wouldn't work and I'd have an alert that the firewall couldn't be reached but Google would work. Some sites wouldn't however work
  18. Not sure myself but someone else may have more knowledge. Their are also a load of guides online. One thing I will say is be wary of addons. Often addons that are no longer updated or aren't well known can be vulnerable. Also make sure you use a good secure password that you haven't used anywhere else for login and enable 2FA
  19. If you exclude them should be fine. I think you can exclude them as a PUA
  20. With a PUA it is up to the user if the pros outweigh the negatives. Some PUA's are mainly annoyances e.g try to install extra stuff, hard to get rid of etc. For example the popular CCleaner program I believe comes up as a PUA as it's installer tries to get you to install extra but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its uses
  21. Really? Is that a recent thing? Years ago I used zonealarm which is part of checkpoint but I always thought they had their own engine
  22. Have you confirmed Hips is also working fine? I remember you had issues with Hips last time this happened although as you stated you tried to stop the update last time
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