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  1. Update: going to the anti-theft site, re-optimizing (and recreating the phanttom account) seems to have worked on the anti-theft notification issue on this latest version to figure out the WMI high cpu issue!
  2. Mine has displayed this error for some time as well. When I click "check again" there error goes away for a few minutes, but always comes back. And it still does this on (upgraded this a.m.) Not sure if related, but event viewer also has WMI errors related to the Eset process (and higher than usual cpu usage of late...)
  3. Worked for me! Smart installer downloaded non-functioning previous version, but then checking for program updates installed a fully functional .402 version, thanks!
  4. No, I would uninstall and have CCleaner remove any leftover registry entries. That way you would still atleast have Windows firewall and defender doing something to protect you. They'll fix it soon I'm sure.
  5. I was on Win 10-64 (MS Surface Pro 4) and all worked fine until the anniversary update. I have tried uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling from scratch three times, and I get the same message as above -- firewall, web access, antiphishing, network attack and botnet all "nonfunctional"
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