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  1. I've noticed on that page it seems to mention it detects viruses. It could be a conflict issue as two AVs should not be run together
  2. As Marcos has mentioned using old versions is never recommended. Newer versions contain newer features, better technology, improvements and also fixes to bugs. You mentioned that you struggle using the newer versions. I can't remember a lot of big changes but what are you struggling with as we could help which would be better than using an older less secure version. For example I'm not sure which version introduced the ransomware module but older versions don't have it so your protection against ransomware is limited
  3. My guess is that this is just included in case the user requires remote help, and it is just there to cover themselves i.e. it's made quicker by the fact the user has to already agree to it. I think they would still need to send the download, but it gets the legal stuff out the way ready. I could be wrong but I think this is probably most likely
  4. It's important to note these scams also sometimes use a real password that has been obtained via a data breach (website leak) to make it seem genuine, but it is just a scam
  5. One issue is eset doesn't have wildcards for firewall. A lot of programs, such as Microsoft stuff, have the version number in the folder name so each time it is updated a new alert is triggered because the filename has changed
  6. Some licenses are restricted country wise so if you have bought it while travelling or using a VPN it may have seen Russia as the country. You could try using a VPN to fix this but the best option would be to ask for a refund then buy from your main countries website. I think the problem is some countries have different laws. For example some countries, possibly Iran, Eset and other software is not allowed to be sold in
  7. Just wondering if in advanced you have some notifications disabled
  8. Yeah if you download the one from Microsoft's own site then it'd fine. Avoid other sites that could trick you e.g. fake version. Always recommended to download from official sites. I've also read that some required specs for Windows 11 are changing so it's a confusing time at the moment and things may keep changing
  9. If it's opening automatically could it be an addon that is making it do that - Possibly try disabling each one to see if it makes any difference.
  10. To premium? Generally it's the same and looks the same to eis just with a few extras e.g. password manager, encryption etc.
  11. I suppose as well like YouTube downloaders this is in a way a modded version of Deezer so there's always the risk of what else could be hidden. However it looks like it is safe but has copycats that aren't
  12. Are you saying when you have data it loads fine but when you run out there's issues as if that's the case sounds network related
  13. Have you checked your junk? I know sometimes I get emails from a company fine but some emails from the same company end up in junk mail
  14. I did receive a similar email a few weeks back. Could it be something Eset related was registered in the past with that email. Could be a newsletter, forum or myeset etc.
  15. I should note that when the files are submitted they will be anonymised so nothing is linked to a user and nothing personally identifiable is sent. It's one of those things that as a user you need to decide if the pros outweigh the cons. I recommend it myself as it means newer malware gets detect quickly
  16. Could be a potentially unwanted app but if you think something is safe you can add it into a exclusion. However this can be dangerous if it is indeed dangerous
  17. Just curious what made you uninstall eset in the first place? Did you forget your setting password as I belive there is a way you could possibly recovered it
  18. Try clearing your cache and refreshing to see if that helps?
  19. Is there an error message? Are you using anything e.g. tracker blocker that could be blocking the contact form or captcha that is needed to prove you are not a machine?
  20. Are normal rules working e.g. if you black an application will it stop working and its just the update issue that is faulty?
  21. There was a recent firewall issue but that got solved I belive. You could try turning pre release updates on?
  22. Does that include application medication detection? I always presumed that would require interactive
  23. Does this work if the firewall isn't in automatic mode? Not sure if the feature only works in interactive
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