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  1. I have been using Eset from a long time, I loved it from the day one. It was intuitive and quick. I've had used other antivirus too but I always come back to Eset. Although I would like to give feedbacks/improvement which I've felt are needed and are consistently highlighted by antivirus review articles too. 1) A quick scan feature. I love the custom scan but I really hope Eset can quickly scan quickly all the vulnerable areas of my pc. 2) Parent Control need to toughen up, they are way easy to bypass and don't work very well in YouTube. 3) System Clean up is basic, I don't understand the functionality of it. All the other diagnostic tools of Eset are quite well, but this one falls short. It definitely can be made better by adding more checks. I see Eset will not be adding any junk,etc cleanup features to it and that's fine. 4) Please make scheduling a scan more simpler. 5) Internet can be accessed via the phantom account created by the anti theft feature which means other software and malwares can be downloaded to bypass it ( this one I found in an article)
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