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  1. Okay, this has nearly nothing to do with "default deny", but I think this is what you may think of: Description: Live Grid execution blocker unless file is known safe.
  2. Yes, you already said this. This could be an idea, but it can even be very bad if the DNS server is compromised or there is a kind of "DNS server malware" on your computer which redirected all DNS queries to a fake/another/bad/... DNS server. So to use IP addresses there is more secure. Yes great idea. I think you mean something like I described in post #149 in this topic[/topic]. Well, maybe this can be an idea. Although svchost.exe of course does much more than just Windows updates. What rules? Do you mean the firewall rules? I think it's quite good if not too much rules are created by default... Yes, that's a great idea! A search function would make it much easier if you want to find specific rules. Thanks! But also have a look on my update I added there. So you can make ESET already detect OpenCandy. Thanks too! I also think this could be a good idea. That's why I made the post.
  3. ESET already has a huge knowledgebase. Also for ESET Cyber Security Pro. So you can e.g. find this about the firewall rules: How do I create a firewall rule to allow/disallow use of a certain application in ESET Cyber Security Pro? This "online documentation" they can edit of course fast and you can even send comments about a specific article to ESET if you find something to improve (below the article). Updating the internal (offline) documentation of course needs more time, firstly because any changes needs to be checked many times there and secondly it needs of course a new version upgrade. So be patient and maybe and let them some time.
  4. I haven't seen that ESET writes huge files in the temp folder (I haven't looked at that too). However you can change the variables or redirect the folder (if you're using Windows Vista or higher) with a cmd command: mklink (You have to run it as an administrator) E.g.: mklink /d C:\Windows\Temp D:\Windows\Temp More information: NTFS symbolic link
  5. @hqsec Good idea. @SweX Good arguments. However it would have been more useful if you would had posted this in the separate topic. But I think the option is quite hidden, so already only the users who want get it ASAP find this option. But it should be quite simple to implement and yes - maybe it's for the "lazy ones"...
  6. I'd like to link to two other suggestion I gave in different posts: 1. Description: Increase the power of the protocol filtering by giving the possibility to block SSL v3 - and with that the so called Poodle Attack. Detail: Recently there was found a new attack against the SSL (used for HTTPS e.g.) connection. This is the Poodle Attack. It would be nice if ESET gives the possibility to block this attack with blocking SSL v3 communication. More information in this topic 2. Description: Add the possibility for two product upgrade channels so you can get a new version directly after it was released. Detail: I understand the reasons why you don't release product upgrades via the built-in "updater" instantly, but there should be a optional setting where you can change this (similar to the pre-release-updates of the VSD). More information in this topic
  7. You already opend a topic about this, so I think it's good to link it here: Suggest to include firewall smart mode
  8. Don't you want to understand it? Like I said the Web protection works with any browser. Also in v8. Firefox included.
  9. I think a sandbox as a stand-alone utility or something similar wouldn't be a bad idea. Including the sandbox in ESS I think would require a large (internal) discussion before.
  10. OK, here some points you should know about the statements from the guy from pcsecuritychannel who made this ESS Beta 8 video. User interface Yes the GUI hasn't changed so much, but is this a problem - no! Why should they change their GUI with every release - just to have a fancy GUI? And he infers from the fact that the GUI hasn't changed that their aren't no new features! What's that? "It doesn't look very different, so there are no new features!" Only because the GUI doesn't change that doesn't mean that there wouldn't be new features. E.g. the botnet blocker - this is "nothing new"!? "HIPS modules keep getting bigger and bigger" No that's wrong. With V8 they don't introduced new HIPS features, but - what he seems to forget the whole time - they improved the Exploit Blocker. "No HIPS rules!" I'm very sure they have internal rules, but they don't display them in the settings. And keep in mind that all the "modules" (at the top of the HIPS settings) belong to HIPS. They all work behaviour based! So it's meaningless to say there wouldn't be behaviour based analysis components. They are there! "Soo much RAM usage" High? If it would use less RAM it maybe would speed down the system. Here you can read more about this: https://forum.eset.com/topic/3336-av-test-results-for-july-august-ess-version-7-tested-thoughts/?p=19351 https://forum.eset.com/topic/3336-av-test-results-for-july-august-ess-version-7-tested-thoughts/?p=19395 And BTW: In the last few version ESET always used about 100 MB, so the assumption that the final release of ESS v8 would use less RAM is very far-fetched. Prevention test Although ESS was quite successful in the test he seems to overlooked something: from the ESET beta test website And another thing: That's cr.ap! Of course they don't block URLs in the clipboard. What sense would this make? To quickly delete the URL from clipboard? Of course ESS doesn't check the clipboard. To understand what is going on you have to look carefully at the message: from the video There you can see that the URL that is blocked goes to Bing.com (marked yellow) and the malicious URL is inside the rest (marked orange). And that's easy to explain: At the time he enters (or copies) the URL Internet Explorer is connecting to Bing to search for search suggestions. And that is what ESS is blocking, because it saws the malicious URL transmitted to Bing. Conclusion This "review" is quite useless. He just ignored all new features in ESS v8, said wrong things, criticizes unimportant things (GUI) and does - although it is maybe disallowed - a malware test with a few samples. And no - I'm not going to watch the ESS v7 "review" video.
  11. Hello, no ESET is not supporting iOS currently for various reasons, but they have products for Macs.
  12. Yes, it's a great idea. But it was already suggested by @TGW with some very nice mockups.
  13. Hello @kllwk1, welcome to ESET and to this forum. For security tips I can strongly recommend you WeLiveSecurity. And if you need support in the future you can of course ask us at this forum, but another great thing were you can look (before) is the ESET knowledgebase. And of course there are even more things from ESET you may like. So just look a bit around (e.g. look at the signatures of some users).
  14. Hello @Daigokaujin, great to have another experienced ESET user here. Have fun browsing through the forum and (of course)... Enjoy safer technology!
  15. In my suggestion you could customize the tray menu like you want and so also "update VSD database" could be added there by yourself. See more at tray menu options poll
  16. That's very sad. But ESET still scans your Thunderbird mails for malware. For more information see this topic: Thunderbird Ver.31 Disables Eset Addon
  17. Yes but that is also not ideal.
  18. I think a better quote possibility would be nice. Currently you have to click on quote and then delete all text in the quote you don't want to quote. Better would be if you would be able to mark the text and then click on something like "Quote marked text".
  19. That's good to hear and if you have any problems or questions, you of course can ask them in this forum. We will try to help you as much as we can. Enjoy (safer technology)!
  20. I only want to link to an idea that would extend the ESET software with large notification and maybe also managing possibilities. I especially wrote it for business users, because they would have a greater benefit, but I think also Home users could like it: Description: Integration of the ESET software into "If this then that" (IFTTT) Detail: see topic "ESET And IFTTT - Put The Internet Work For You - With Eset?"
  21. Hello, @klv12gcn it's good to hear that ESS is working find for you, but you should know that many things were improved in the newer versions, like an Explot Blocker, Advanced Memory Scanner, and Botnet blocker (in ESS Beta 8) and ESET LiveGrid. And yes ESET LiveGrid is a cloud service, but ESET software can 100% work without it. So ESET don't rely on it only, but ESET LiveGrid can speed-up scans and it also is useful for the treat researchers, because ESET LiveGrid reports suspicious files to ESET and so the threat researchers from ESET can faster detect new malware. More about ESET LiveGrid and other useful technology's of the ESET software you can read here: hxxp://www.eset.com/int/about/technology/ And I'm quite sure that ESS v 7 is working perfectly (if not better) then v 4. And I have to add that ESET also isn't a company that made huge (unnecessary) changes to the GUI, so you also won't have any problem in using the new version. You 'll love the version 7, too!
  22. Maybe you mean this for the context menu of the tray icon. It was already suggested here: Tray menu options poll
  23. Just some reply: Keyboard: Use Windows osk.exe. RootKit: secret tests... ok. A bit more specific would be good. Safe System: Analyse PC: On Demand scan missing Windows Updates: ESET products are already warning Task Manager, CMD: Sorry this are the worst ideas I every heart. Disabling task manager?? SafeBox: Sandbox was already discussed and your idea with non-signed files is not convertible in a meaningful way. The only thing I can a bit agree is "File Extensions", but there also only for .exe. It can be used from maleware to prevent users from starting any exe. But ESET already has an .exe file association repair tool (point 2) free to download, so you can use this if you experience problems. And I wonder from where you know what "many hackers do"...
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