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  1. Description: A possibility to copy the ip adress or also locate the ip adress directly from the message of the interactive firewall. Details: There should be a possibility to copy the ip adress directly from the message "Do you want to allow this internet traffic?" from the interactive firewall. So you can better search on websites to who this IP belongs. And also a possibility to locate the IP address from the message window with services like hxxp://en.utrace.de or hxxp://www.geoiptool.com/en/. Something like this: And you could also auto-locate it and show a flag:
  2. Description: Priority for firewall rules Details: There should be an option to change the priority of firewall rules. If this option would be there you could - e.g. - block the internet connection for an program generally and only allow to connect to a specific IP. And also the temporary rules (created if the interactive firewall is used) should have a priority, so that you can temporary allow all internet access for a program, except of the connection to an specific IP (blocked by an non-temporary rule) or reversed.
  3. That isn't normal, maybe its a bug - it worked for me correctly and is quite fast. It detects many adware (like toolbares) if you put on the option to scan for PUAs (Potentially unwanted applications) in the advanced settings. It also already does so. E.g. "HIPS" protects the registry actions (you can also set it to an interactive modus). That's a glossary for (D)Dos-Attacs, not for maleware! Many listed words are only apply servers and not home computers, but the firewall of ESET also protects from (D)Dos attacks. If you want to know what sorts of malware there are, have a look here: hxxp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malware#Concealment:_Viruses.2C_trojan_horses.2C_rootkits.2C_and_backdoors (German version: hxxp://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schadprogramm#Klassifizierung) And you could also have a look about the Anti-malware strategies.
  4. Description: Firefox OS support Details: ESET Mobile Security already supports Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. But there is another (quite new) OS for smart phones: Firefox OS. It would be nice if it will supported in the future too.
  5. We won't support that. There's always a good reason why websites are blocked. Users don't have all information needed to evaluate if a particular website is malware-free or not; permitting access to such websites by one click would expose a lot of users at risk as they might get infected easily. Yes of course, but maybe it's one of the sites without maleware* and the author or somebody else wants to test whether the website contains maleware or not. They can test it at VirusTotal or look at sites like (or use add-ons) like WOT. Of course they can't be really sure whether it's malware-free or not, but they can get more information about a site from many sources. I don't say "by one click". Maybe another warning should be shown before (like "Are you really sure? (...)") and the user must click on "Yes, I assume the risks". Also the "Go one website"-Text could be displayed as a small normal link, so that not everybody see the link at the first glance. And do you think phishing isn't bad as maleware? Because users already can go on a website if it is blocked by "phishing protection". * Maybe this sites, they want to unblocked, also contain maleware - I can't promise it.
  6. Description: Temporary exception for websites blocked by "web protection" Details: With phishing websites you already can do it, but not with websites blocked by "web protection": Showing the website although ESET blocks it without deactivating ESETs "web protection" or making a non-temporary rule.
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