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  1. Yes but you have to type something in "Find text". It doesn't show just those bad files.
  2. When doing a scan and it does find something, I would like then to filter the results to only show those bad files instead of going through thousands of files just to see those bad files.
  3. ESSP looks very interesting. When is it planned to release ESSP or any beta?
  4. Can someone please tell if EIS will be higher than ESS? And if so, will it be free upgrade from EIS to ESS? When can we expect a stable release?
  5. I would like to be able to sort the rules in the alphabetical order of HIPs rules. It can be alot to go through. I would also like if you could create groups and send rules to that group in HIPS. I have hard time to focus on details in advance setting because of the GUI. Maybe thats just me. But overall I love ESS.
  6. I would love to see a customizable GUI. Add app icon in firewall rules. Sort rules by Allow, Deny. Add colors to rules. Green=Allow. Red=Deny. Maybe search window in firewall. Create categories in firewall and be able to send created rules to desired catogery. That way you can get firewall rules better organized and easier to find rules. Everything now feels grey and hard to find.
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