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  1. I have enabled scaning when phone charging but it does not scan when phone charging. Running latest premium version on android. I have Malwarebytes installed too.
  2. It requires Username and Password. I have only license key. What should I do?
  3. I have a ESSP license. Can I used on NOD32 for Linux?
  4. I have re-installed ESSP and Firefox to newest version but the issue still remains. I don't know if newer version of ESS and ESSP 10 has changed firewall setting on how to act? I have used Eset products since version 4 and always used interactive setting in Eset firewall and it ask for first time when you open web browser and make it permantly and thats it and have worked that way since then till now. I forgot to mention that when the windows pop's up and ask for permission you can see it has something with the addon "Disconnect" for Firefox to do. I'm not sure why Eset would block Firefox because of that? Also I have tested to disable and uninstall Disconnect without any luck. Why would it be OK to give Firefox permission for a while just to take it away with me not making any changes to rules or settings? I can't figure this out and would appreciate if someone could help me out with this problem. Marcos, Thanks for the respond. I tried to download ELC but you have to install it and I don't like to install things. I like to have installed programs to minimal. But if you are specific on what info you need I probably can provide it. Thanks in advance for any respond I get from you guys
  5. Yes it is already created. I have also deleted all Firefox rules and re-added and still same issue. How to collect log and what kind of logs do ESS collect? I dont want to share personal info.
  6. I am using latest ESS with interactive Firewall enabled. The issue is Firefox only have access to internet for a while and then ESS Firewall shut me out and ask again for permission. I already have allowed this permanently. Why does it keep doing this? How to solve this? Using latest FireFox 56.0.2 x64.
  7. Idle-state scanning is off. I did some changes but then the number count went up but I have not done any changes to rest of them. Could it have something to do with that I updated from v9 to v10? When I turn off some of the settings the number count goes down. That is weird.
  8. When doing a scan and it does find something, I would like then to filter the results to only show those bad files instead of going through thousands of files just to see those bad files.
  9. Here is a screen shot. There is alot of numbers there and yet I have done no changes to them.
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