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  1. Ehm... I'm quite sure that this was a joke of Arakasi. And excuses... Where? I didn't excused oneself and I also don't gave you any excuse, so I don't know what you mean... And if I look back I feel that it was 1000 times said that ESET don't make something just because an other vendor has it. Edit for your edit: I'm not interested to know what you do or what you recommend. And no I not familiarize with an useless add-on until it has a use that is better than the actually Web protection without add-on. That's why I said you should precise your suggestion, read my question 2 and say what the advantages are, but if you don't want then it's your decision.
  2. Thanks. @LabVIEW707 My post above was not especially related to this specific feedback, but have a look at this question at the third point: Developing the add-on is one thing, but then there are more things: Running the servers for this Updating the add-on for new browser versions if needed Handle request for re-rating ... And please also have a look at question 2. IMO this is what I don't understand. And if you really want to continue the discussion then it also would be helpful to provide more detailed information about your idea. Should there be a user-based rating or a malicious rating? Or what else should be used to display the status?
  3. What a discussion about an single idea of a browser add-on. But now it seems that this discussion is finished. But here is a tip how to check and improve your idea or suggestions. If you suggest a new idea you should check your idea before. And for this you should e.g. ask yourself this questions: How is it actually? Is it already implemented in some way? Would something be redundant? If already existing: What are the (dis)advantages of my idea? What's the difference of the actual state compared to the state in my idea? Are there also disadvantages? If so: Are the advantages "more" or "higher" than the disadvantages? How easy or difficult would it be to implement this idea? Is it really worth to do it? Would additional staff be required? Does implementing this idea this idea pays off? How easy is the maintenance of the idea? (one time implemented - finished?) How "much" is it concerned to antivirus/security? I think this are three basically questions you should ask yourself before suggest an idea. If you go trough all with no problem then it's ok. If you have problems then it don't automatically means that your idea is bad. Rethink your idea. Maybe it just needs some "improvements" or you should post your idea with a "..., but" to set limits to your idea. (e.g. "only if many users would like it", "only as a standalone program", "deactivated by default", ...) I hope this is useful. And if you have some other ideas (e.g. for more questions) feel free to post it.
  4. Also if we had ESS and ESET 360°, this would be like Nor**n Internet Security and Nor**n 360°. - No! No! No! Never! This cra p can stay away! This would require staff and this staff can make better things at ESET!
  5. By the way: Here is a nice video from WeLiveSecurity about Twitters two-factor authentication.
  6. Oh. Now I know why you always write enhanced (or enhanged) and something like this - Wikipedia: Advanced SystemCare (for me "advanced" is round the corner) And this product illustrates in a good way how ESET never should (and will) be! If you want you can give them the feedback you try to gave ESET here. Maybe they are glad! But ESET won't be deleting cookies or adding something that's not in their focus! And maybe you want to check out my other tips posted above too. But don't annoy ESET with not constructive feedback. Thanks.
  7. @kakashi, the last time I try it in a good way! Maybe you know CCleaner This might be a program you like. Of course there are also other programs for cleaning cookies. (e.g. TuneUp) You can deactivate cookies in your browser or only disallow third-party-cookies or (maybe additionally) install specific add-ons in your browser that also block tracking companies (e.g. Ghostery or DoNotTrackMe). And Do Not Track is optional for the websites, so you can't talk of "bypass" and also not from "hackers". This are normal website operators and it's legal! And this is the point! It's nothing bad (except of your personal opinion) and it has nothing to do in an antivirus software. Like I described there are many, many other ways...
  8. Maybe but I don't think other AV vendors have "ultimate anti-keylogger" or "ultimate anti-rootkit". Maybe it's just his fantasy. But i have to agree: It's not really feedback.
  9. No problem! It's good to explain why his feedback is not such good, but sometimes you also have to exhort...
  10. @Octavaian If you want to make your online banking like you describe faster then use a password manager. I don't know if there are also password manager that also fills in credit cards. But this thing (no matter if it's in ESET or in other products) can also be a security risk. Your credit card data can be stolen if it's not saved encrypted. And if you want a wise encryption you also have to enter a password. And then you should make sure that you use a strong password. And don't forget: You must have a huge trust in this program and you would have to hope that there aren't any security holes in it! And your "Safe Pay" or "Safe Banking" is really unnecessary. For the reasons see the posts before. @kakashi If I look on what you post... Please stop saying things like "make ultimate XY" or "add enhanced XY"! Have a look at the blue text that @Aryeh Goretsky wrote in his first post in this topic:
  11. @all: By the way: Could you please stop quoting full posts. It makes the topic very unclear.
  12. What should be more secure in this "banking mode"? If you want more security use another browser without plug-ins and add-on. And use the windows virtual keyboard. This can be more secure, but such a banking mode would be useless. And by the way: How should it get quicker in this mode?
  13. @Pentode: But you don't marked your topic solved...
  14. By the way: I'm using the two factor authentication for my Microsoft Account. (this is what you use two login, e.g. in outlook.com) And I can say that this is really simple! (on a registered mobile phone you only have to click on "Accept") But also Google and many other websites already provide 2FA.
  15. If you want to an on-screen-keybord just enter "osk.exe" in the start menu (Windows 7) or in the box that appears if you press Windows key+R. And there are many other programs for saving passwords in a password safe. Why you should do something? Actually you can pause the protection until the next restart. This was already suggested. You can already exclude files or folders in the options.
  16. This is just a small desire, but without it it's a bit annoying... Description: Add the button "Apply" to the options window. Detail: It's a bit annoying that you have to close and reopen the options window if you (e.g.) just want to test some settings. So you should add the option to apply the settings without closing the window.
  17. Yeah you are right that they have to made progress and add new features, but this features must have to do something with Security/Protection/Anti-Malware, because it's really not good to have an all-in-one solution. If you want features that have nothing to do with Security/Protection/Anti-Malware then you can use other products from other companies. The best two reasons why this is good are: Every company should be focused on the features they can implement in a very high quality and they should stay in their scope of business. (colloquial: they should what they can do best) And so they got high-quality products without unnecessary functions. You have to see that every company has staff - and this staff is maybe specialized to a special thing. So if you include features for an all-in-one solution you have to ways. You can... employ new stuff and that would cause costs (and so also the products will cost more) or... use this staff and say them they should develop now the new additionally features. This would cause that the main-features are not more developed so much/good and the quality of the main product can get worse. If you have are free to use a product for one task and not (have to) use an all-in-one-solution then you can use the products for the other tasks that fit best to you. We all know that some other firms don't follow this (e.g. the big yellow one) and also make such all-in-one solutions, but I think this isn't the right way and ESET shouldn't go this way. And the graphics are already really good - they don't have to reinvent the wheel if it is already good. Of course if they improve the GUI or have to make new buttons inside it and so they must redesign it then it's ok to change the GUI, but there is every time the "risk" that it can be worse than before. And the touchscreen design was already discussed.
  18. @SweX: Yeah I fully agree to you! @Arakasi: Yes I agree to you to. Another example is DriveSecurity.
  19. Although you are right that there many not such good ideas I don't wanted to say "Bad feedback - bug off!". This would be dissuasive and it is also not true, because I find at least one points that is - IMO - quite good. I mean this point: Just to bring it into the right from... Description: Adding an online dashboard where you manage your licenses. Detail: You should be able to delete/move/view your (multi-device) license(s) online. More detail: see this topic: Delete Eset Licences From A Device Or Move It To Another Device / Online License Managment (Please also reply to this topic if it only applies there)
  20. Hello @Octavian, a great and detailed feedback you gave! Thanks for this! There are many point's and so of course there are also some points that may be discussable or that are already in the product. But there are also many good points you noticed! So please be patient. I'm sure a moderator is answering soon.
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