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  1. No if ads are really malicious then driveby-downloads or similar things of these ads should be blocked by ESET correctly. HIPS, firewalls and co are other things. They are really protecting the user from threats or malware. So this is the difference not that there are many other tools for it.
  2. No, please no adblocker. That's not a kind of protection... It protects you from such malicious apps? There are a plenty other nice and free adblockers available online. So just choose your favourite one and use it. ESS doesn't need an adblocker. That would just bloating the product.
  3. I don't know exactly about the installations, but did you used the live installer or the offline installer? The offline installer has more options and it could be that such an option is there too. In automatic firewall mode this communication should automatically be allowed. As long as there is no incoming communication it should work fine. Okay, if they can verify the authenticity of the screen reader then it could be possible. Like I said I wouldn't use HIPS interactive mode. And if you exclude every EXE and DDL file then the automatic (or smart) mode without this rules may be even more secure. Personally I like the smart mode quite well. About the outpost firewall: If you'd like to use it you can do of course. However I would strongly recommend to only let 1 firewall enabled.
  4. Well... AFAIK you can a also navigate with the keyboard in the graphical user interface. However for screen readers it may be more difficult to handle this graphical UI. It's expectable that the screenreader could have problems with the self-defense. The self-defense is just doing their job and protecting access to egui.exe, so yes a rule is needed for this. No antivirus (in terms of scanning) exception and no firewall exception are needed as it should work without it, but a HIPS rule (which includes self-defense) is needed. And ESS has a HIPS rule editor. However it's quite complex and may be difficult to use. On the other hand I don't think that ESET will add a pre-defined HIPS rule for all screen readers as such pre-defined rules could also be misused (e.g. if a malware imitates a screen reader). But if such a rule is configured once you should be able to let the self-defense (and HIPS) enabled and use ESS without problems with a screen reader. As for HIPS interactive mode it could also be difficult as the interactive mode will block some actions of the screen reader and ask the user what to do. Probably with creating the necessary rules for the screen reader it could be solved, but apart from that I wouldn't recommend the interactive mode anyway as it will cause really many questions. If you still like to control your system you can enable the Smart mode, which will only trigger at suspicious events. Sounds are currently played very rarely, but in situation where a threat is found or a on-demand scan is finished they are there. However an option to expand this sounds may be indeed useful.
  5. @yongsua Yes, to show this in the interactive alerts/questions is a great and useful idea. I already had the issue that ESS showed "rundll.exe" is attempting to connect to a site (e.g. with OpenCandy) and I don't know which process it was, because there were running multiple instances.
  6. Hello and welcome @usc76, yes ESS is really a good security suite. So just try it out by yourself and you will see that is is very light on your system and maybe have a look into the settings... Try it out! You won't regret it!
  7. AFAIK the word number isn't limited. For a support/feedback request this wouldn't be useful anyway...
  8. Don't you think it's enough to ask for feedback in this forum? Additionally you can already submit feedback through the contact form in the product. There is an option "Feedback".
  9. @VigenTests Have a look at my edit. Yes, v9 is a "new product version" after v8, so you will get a notification if you select "Regularly check for latest product version".
  10. Yeah, but (@khairulaizat92) please give us the links... Please! @VigenTests It's already here. Will my ESET product upgrade automatically? How do I upgrade ESET Smart Security or ESET NOD32 Antivirus to the latest version? How do I configure ESET Smart Security or ESET NOD32 Antivirus to regularly check for the latest product version? You can set ESS to show a message when a new version is available and you can upgrade it with a few clicks. This way you will get a notification about every new version for which ESET decides to release it as a PCU - this will be of course the case for a new major version (v9).
  11. @khairulaizat92 Yeah, that's fully okay of course. We are here to discuss things and it's of course good to hear the opinions of users (from other forums). However could you please give us the links to the threads where they talked about it, so we can read their findings by ourself and maybe also reply to them?
  12. Additionally: How can they evaluate how good the heuristics are? Virustotal - no! There not all components of the software are used, so even Virustotal stated that Virustotal shouldn't been used for this. (I don't know if they even use any heuristics in their online test...) To evaluate the heuristics they would have to know the source code of the software. Maybe you can give links to the threads where they said this.
  13. The thread where you're asking this is still completely unfitting (it would be better to open a new thread next time), but to answer your question: No. You should even be able to directly install the 2015er (v8) version - even if you buy the 2014er version. If you get a license key (instead of a username/password), which is expectable when you buy it in as a physical box, you can even just activate the license online and download the newest version of the ESET product you chose. However it can even work if you activate the license key in ESS v8 directly. Just choose the right option in this screen:
  14. kakashi master software there are answers that I found in problems list final version automatic ironic answer system need to think over and forget the post answer list 13.update web lack and anti publishing protection add a new feature "control my brain" = control the user so he isn't able to publish any information ,,,, block access to internet, speaking, writing this affect the the curvature of bananas (and the freedom of speech) 14Oh no I was wrong it's an anti publishing protection, so please automatically publish all information about the user = mean a haker can easy get information I answered all this beacause is wrong trust me I am client software ALL YOU NEED READ ANSWERS AND think before you post thank you please ignore this this is not important for anybody Okay, seriously now... This is a feature thread, so please don't report problems here. Check before posting whether these features are already included in ESS. The first post in this topic includes an explanation how you should report ideas (for features etc) here. Also pay attention to the blue message there!
  15. Description: Add a way to check the (Firewall) rules for files which doesn't exist anymore and make it possible that all these rules are automatically deleted. Detail: The problem is that sometimes executable files for which a firewall rule was created, were deleted or renamed. And then these rules still exist. And now it would be nice if ESS could find these rules (maybe also automatically as a scheduled task) and delete them. An example where this would be very useful is the Flash Player. Because nearly every new version of Adobes Flash Player has a new filename and so there are many old firewall rules with "invalid" file paths.
  16. @jadinolf At some time before your trail expires you will buy ESET (if you like to use it), so afterwards you will not see this message for a long time.
  17. @hemant9394 Ehm... and if you have no internet connection how do you get the "offline updates"...? You sent it from a mobile phone with Bluetooth... Oops... wasn't there something like Bluetooth-Tethering? Okay you send it though your WLAN... well... no... that's even more useless. So what? I really can't see any reason for updating the VSD offline, because "you can not get everywhere internet" - Yes, but if you get it - just update. The only exception may be users which have no internet connection at all - they could get some updates via USB (or something similar).
  18. Description: ESS Anti-Theft should capture pictures of all available cameras (not only of one camera). Detail: Especially Tablets or Convertibles now have more than one camera built-in. So if this is the case then ESS should take photos from all these cameras. More details: Have a look at this topic: Select camera for anti-theft
  19. Description: Exclude a threat by the threat name Details: I think it would be to have a possibility to exclude a threat by it's name. Actually you can do this, but it will still only affect a specific file. I would like to exclude a threat for every file it is detected. For example it would be great if I could exclude Win32/OpenCandy, because I already created some rules by myself so that this PUA will be blocked. And because it is already blocked I don't want ESET still to recognize it. More information and some bug reports in this topic: Small Bugs in ESET Smart Security + Suggestions
  20. If a file is modified for which there is a rules created and if the firewall is in interactive mode then you will see a question asking you whether you want to allow the connection with the modified version too. And this refers to Windows files of course too. So if a legitimate process is "injected" then you'll see a message about this when it is trying to connect to somewhere
  21. Decent suggestion you made, but could you please avoid full-quotes. You don't have to repeat every time what you said.
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