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  2. Did you have Eset Internet Security installed on the new PC prior to changing to Eset Endpoint Security? If so, did you uninstall Eset Internet Security, reboot the PC, then install Eset Endpoint Security? Or, did you install Eset Endpoint Security "on top off" the existing Eset Internet Security installation?
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  4. Normally a computer restart is recommended after upgrade to a newer version but not immediately required. You can configure Endpoint via ESMC to not change protection status on clients when a reboot is recommended or required and at the same time have the status reported in the ESMC console: Upgrade to v7.3 is an exception due to big changes under the hood and without a reboot real-time protection will not work after upgrade. When we start releasing so-call uPCU program updates (v7 is ready for uPCU), the update will be applied after a computer restart. Again, users may not get any notification and only administrators will see in the ESMC console that a reboot is recommended. They can then send a message to users to reboot the machines for instance.
  5. It appears they were issued by ESET Russia but the French email address is suspicious. Please contact ESET Russia. Why there are so many licenses registered to your email address?
  6. Yes, you can install ESET's products on a dual boot system since only one will be used at a time.
  7. Description: System Restart Required Prompt Problem: Endpoint product update process could be challenging since eset product update requires restarting the computer. I have managing a network contains 10000 ESET Clients. After deploying the ESET product update, ESET requires a restart. I cannot force system restart because there is always users actively using their pcs. Some users shutdowns their pcs end of day, some users leaves running for days. Even if the user shutdown pc at end of day, the hybrid sleep or hibernation may be open. Finally, a lot of red ESET clients gives system restart required warning. Solution/Feature: A window like following windows update dialog. The administrator will set a postpone limit, for example up to 5 hours. ESET will prompt system restart window but allow users to postpone. Then It will automatically restart the system when it reaches the postpone limit. The first versions of Deslock I used had this feature.(maybe still have)
  8. If you see "Verified by ESET, sprol, s.r.o." when clicking the lock icon then SSL filtering is enabled.
  9. No EFI scan on Mac? Any other AV that does such?
  10. SSL setting is disabled as per default on my system and on client systems.
  11. Do you have SSL filtering enabled? It's disabled by default in business products. If you have it enabled then there's an option to exclude communication with trusted domains from filtering which is enabled by default. Trusted domains also include bank domains that use an EV certificate. In business environment we do not recommend using consumer products. They don't support remote management and typically receive module updates earlier than business products.
  12. Yes, you can always increase seat count as compared to the pack, the EEPAC spans from 5-250 seats (and we will expand it even further in the near future).
  13. I understand that there is no Banking & Security browser in endpoint security, but would like to know why my machine behaves differently to several of my clients. If I enter a banking site a padlock appears in the address bar, and when you hover over the lock it shows "Verified by ESET, sprol, s.r.o.". My client systems do not show this message, but we have the same browsers (Firefox & Edge) and the same version of Endpoint Security (7.2.2055.0). Their browsers allow you to click on the padlock and show a certificate issued by the bank, but no mention of ESET. I originally had ESET Internet Security which had the secure banking browser, but updated to Endpoint when I replaced my machine. Are my clients getting full security when they do their banking? Am I? Are we better using ESET Internet Security?
  14. Hello, we've hit the same bug, please can You share solution here ? Thanks
  15. Please provide your public license ID. Are you trying to activate Endpoint for Windows or another product?
  16. It does: https://help.eset.com/efsw/6.5/en-US/ Supported Operating Systems: •Microsoft Windows Server 2019 •Microsoft Windows Server 2016 •Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 •Microsoft Windows Server 2012 •Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 •Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (x86 and x64) •Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 (x86 and x64) •Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2 (x86 and x64) •Server Core (Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016) Since it's an old product which is no longer available for download, it can be provided upon request by your local ESET support. Note that installing antivirus on a operating system unsupported by its maker will not make it secure enough; Windows Server 2003 contains vulnerabilities that do not exist in fully supported systems, hence the user should consider upgrade if security of their data matters.
  17. We have installed EFS for Linux on a Cent OS 7 web server and noticed that the CPU usage of "oaeventd" becomes too high, causing the server to hang and respond very slowly. Could anyone advice why is this happening and how can this be rectified? And is there any best practice on settings for EFS running on web servers? Thanks.
  18. Thanks. I have tried v6.5 but it doesn't support Win2003.
  19. Yesterday
  20. I guess I should add that if rootkit is suspected, the best way of "rooting" them out is to perform a scan with one of the AV's boot-able media scanners such as Eset SysRescue scanner. This is because most use a Linux release which allow scanning of directories and files locked from scanning by the Win OS.
  21. Hey Peteyt, And that too, but its on the microsoft site, just get the media creation tool for May 2020 update. It's how I got it.
  22. My understanding is that Microcenter users are suppose to fill in the activation form at https://www.eset.com/int/support/activate/. You select USA as the country but there is no option to select the state which is ok and not needed.
  23. Just bought a new Powerspec system at Microcenter, Bethel Rd, Columbus and sprung for the 3 year eset coverage. When I go to activate the software, it will not allow me to select my state (Ohio) when I select my country (United States)--therefore I cannot REGISTER, and CANNOT ACTIVATE. Nice job, eset!
  24. According to this: https://help.eset.com/efsw/6.5/en-US/index.html?system_requirements.htm , version 6.5 supports Win Server 2003 although it doesn't state this on the download site: https://www.eset.com/us/business/server-antivirus/file-security-windows/download/ Since you are located in Singapore, use this link: https://www.eset.com/sg/business/file-security-windows/download/ . Then mouse click on "Chose other product version" where you can select version 6; i.e. 6.5 version, to download.
  25. May I know where I can download old version ESET File Security for Win Server 2003R2 SP2? My customer has 3 servers still running Win2003. Thanks
  26. I will also add that Eset BP&P uses a separate FF profile; not the one you use for normal FF browsing. A lot of Eset users don't realize this. If you have made changes to the default settings in your normal FF profile and want those duplicated in the profile Eset BP&P uses, you must manually duplicate those settings in FF while it is running under Eset BP&P mode.
  27. Really don't know what is your problem with showing a .pdf using FireFox and Eset BP&P. Below is a screen shot of a .pdf open in a BP&P session using FF. I was not asked by FF whether to open the .pdf. It opened automatically. By default, FF uses it's own PDF reader to open .pdf files. It appears somehow you have overridden this setting and perhaps instructed FF to use Adobe Reader for example as your .pdf source app in FF.
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