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Agent is not reporting to ERA6 after going through KB3725 (deploy ghost or master image)

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Have a customer who uses Unidesk to deploy out the ESET software. Customer went through steps outlined in >> hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3725/?viewlocale=en_USand the agent and ENDPOINT do get installed. When checking the status.html for the agent its all green and reports checking into the ERA6 server but when looking at the ERA6 console itself the computer just shows as unmanaged. confirmed its not in lost and found and doesn't appear as internal ip address. I pushed out agent multiple times like when doing with orphaned agents but still does not check in. The other issue is that the ENDPOINT AV GUI is not complete as the "Update" and "Computer Scan" category are not present. Is this possibly a incompatibility with his Unidesk deployment software and ESET ? 


ERA 6.3 with agent 6.3 >> ENDPOINT AV 6.3 

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, I have asked developers, whether they have any ideas, what might be causing the issue. However, they have suggested that you open a support ticket.

Maybe a question to ask is to: did you configure the "reset cloned agent task" to the "base image computer" in ERA, without letting it connect to ERA? By this, you will make sure, that once the machine is connected with the old UUID, it is reset, and connects again with a new one.

As of now, I am suspicious, that all of the agents are replicated to the same machine, meaning agents are connecting, but they are all connected into one "computer instance" in ERA.


This is the simplified recommendation, how to handle cloned images:

1) Create the template image and install the agent and Endpoint on it.

2) Let the agent connect to ERAS (at least once).

3) Create an image of the disk.


IMPORTANT: This computer (image) must not connect to ERAS again, otherwise this will execute the task and will prevent from executing it again.


4) For this computer entry in ERA, create a "Reset cloned agent" for the agent with trigger "ASAP" and no expiration so that anytime computer with the same Agent UUID connects, the tas will be executed.

5) Image other computers using the prepared image.


The "Reset cloned agent" task will change the unique ID so that the server can distinguish between the clients.

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