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Blocked Sites?

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Hey guys,


I've been using ESET Smart Security for over 2 years now. I use Firefox as my main browser. Today I opened Firefox up and went to a gaming website to take a look at some latest news. I noticed that I had a notification form ESET pop up at the bottom right of the screen. When I went to look at what it was I saw that ESET bocked https://incoming.telemetry.mozilla.orgtwice. Both were within a second of eachother and it came back that the address was part of the PUA Blacklist.


Does anyone have any information about this or could this be a possible false positive on the part of ESET?


Again I have used ESET for the past 2 and a half years along side with Firefox and never recieved this block before. I also looked at my settings in Firefox and noticed that I don't even have Telemetry checked off to be used.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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Just so you guys know I contacted ESET Support yesterday. I told them about this issue and they ran it through both their malware and virus departments. I recieved and email back from them today stating that this address https://incoming.telemetry.mozilla.org is a false positive. No need to worry about it. It will be fixed with the next update.

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