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  1. Hello, On ESET Mobile for Android, is there a way to see what the website addresses are that we're scanned? I see that it lists a number of websites (Websties Scanned: 7) that were scanned. But is there a way to see the each individual website address that was scanned?
  2. I’m not going to be able to upload the files. I was told that AdwCleaner should take care of this issue for me though. I’m going to try that when I get home. I’m just not sure why the files are being linked back to a file path that is located inside the MBAM Service folder for the Malwarebytes install.
  3. Hey guys, So today I ran a scan with ESET and I constantly get 3 warnings everytime. One is for Win32/SmartFileAdvisor.B potentially unwanted program and the other two are for Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Google.D potentially unsafe program. They are all tied back to the MBAM Service that is run by Malwarebytes. Even after cleaning them and ESET reporting that they were cleaned by deleting them they seem to get caught again by ESET during another scan after a restart or after shutting the computer down and then turning it back on. Are these files false positives? They didn’t show up until after I installed Google Chrome from what I can tell. Any advice on this matter will be greatly appreciated!
  4. OK, so I just got a new computer. I installed ESET just fine and after it updated it ran the initial scan. As soon as the scan was done I got the message about the Live Grid Servers. I tried turning it off and then back on and even restarted my PC but it does not yield any results. This is defiantly not on my side. I am running Windows 10. Does anyone know when this will be fixed?
  5. Same issue! This is defiantly an issue on the side of ESET. Hopefully they fix it soon. I'd hat to have to look for a new Anti-virus Program/Suite
  6. Hey guys, So I wanted to see if anyone else sees this or may have an explanation for this. I just reset my router a few days ago and all my devices are showing in the Home Network Protection area. I did notice a new device though today. The router was reset 3 days ago and this new device shows as connecting 2 days ago. I didn't recognize it until I logged into my router to do some research. The device credentials are that of my WAN MAC. Im just curious why my WAN MAC was detected as a device in ESET. I'm not worried about it because No Threats were found when I scanned the router. I just am not sure why it's detecting my WAN MAC as a separate device when it is basically my router. Any advice would be helpful.
  7. I guess I answers my own question. I went to the security tab and it says that the ESET product is On and that the Esteban firewall is protecting my system. Looks like the splash screen is just that and does not signify the functionality of the product.
  8. I guess I answers my own question. I went to the security tab and it says that the ESET product is On and that the Esteban firewall is protecting my system. Looks like the splash screen is just that and does not signify the functionality of the product.
  9. Awesome I checked out the post and replied to it. Thanks for the link. I just want a definite yes or no on the fact that even though the splash screen does not show but the tray icon is still showing in the system tray that ESET is still running.
  10. Hey guys I have the same problem. Sometimes it's there and sometimes it isn't. I'm not really worried about it since the tray icon is always there but Intoo would use it for verification. Even to the point of shutting my computer down and turning it back on until I saw it, even if it was for a fraction of a second. I notice that I do not see the splash screen when my computer boots up a bit faster than usual. So is it safe to say that as long as the tray icon is in system tray that everything is good and ESET is running even though the splash screen did not show upon logging in?
  11. Hey guys, So I have he splash screen enabled but sometimes if J don't long in fast enough on a boot up I do not see the splash screen or may only see it for a breif second. i just wanted to know if I log in and don't see the splash screen is ESET was still running. i know I can turn the splash screen off but as a preference I like to see it when's I log in.
  12. Hey guys, So today I was online and went to a website to download a few unofficial patches for a game I play. I've been to this site many times before but today after exiting the site and loading up another site I got hit with a Encrypted Network Traffic - Untrusted Certificate message. It listed the gaming site I had just left and I went ahead and chose to Block the connection just to be safe. there was one thing however that I saw in the details. At the Reputation section it had a green check mark next to it followed by an icon of 3 human figures and had the words "Discovered 5 days ago" next to that. What exactly does that mean? My only guess is that of course like it said it was Discovered 5 days ago but as far as the check mark and human figures go, I'm guessing it means that others have reported it to be OK and not a threat as the warning claims it may be. Id just like some clearification in that......
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