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Installing ERA 6 on SBS 2011

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Due to SBS2011 having SQL server pre-installed I understand that we need to create the era_db ourselves. After a lot of jumping through hoops and head-scratching the database has been created and a new database user account 'eset' has been setup for access. I created a new System DSN in ODBC Administrator which works fine, the settings are as follows:


Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver Version 06.01.7601
Data Source Name: test
Data Source Description: 
Database: era_db
Language: (Default)
Translate Character Data: Yes
Log Long Running Queries: No
Log Driver Statistics: No
Use Regional Settings: No
Prepared Statements Option: Drop temporary procedures on disconnect
Use Failover Server: No
Use ANSI Quoted Identifiers: Yes
Use ANSI Null, Paddings and Warnings: Yes
Data Encryption: No
This connection goes through no problem which confirms that the database exists, the driver works, and the eset account has access rights. 
However, when we come to select the database during ERA 6 installation it now comes up with the error 'the specified database was not used for this purpose before or it is corrupted', which kinda makes sense, of course the database hasn't been used before, I just made it! The question is, how do I get past this error? 
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If I get it right, you created empty database named "era_db" in sql server. You don't have to do this manually, setup will create database and user for you. Only thing you need is connection to database and root user (for Microsoft SQL "sa" or user with rights like "sa"). If you have Windows Authentication enabled on SQL Server, you do not even need sa user, just use option "SQL Server via Windows Authentication".

Solution for you is to delete this empty database and Server setup will create era database for you.

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