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URL/Urlik.AAD -- False Positive?

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to download a game called as Ravendawn, whenever I am about to complete the download, I get the warning prompt stating a threat called as URL/Urlik.AAD is found and removed (as seen below).


I contacted the developers and inquired about the issue. They told me it is a false positive which they also experienced with Windows Defender. Apparently their developers are aware of these issues and they managed to fix the issue concerning Windows Defender, but it appears I am the first person who reported this to them with ESET.

They recommended me to deactivate the antivirus and reactivate after the client is downloaded. However, I cannot trust such a procedure and do not want to risk my computer.

I saw in a similar topic from 4 years ago, that there was a false positive case for URL/Urlik.AOO Object in the forums, and I was wondering if this is the same. 

In case you want to investigate, here is the link to download the client, but please approach cautiously as I do not know if there really is a malware in the client or not: http s://dw.ravendawn .online/ravendawn_installer.exe (just delete the spaces, added the spaces to prevent someone from randomly clicking and downloading, and harming their computer)

Looking forward to the solutions, thanks in advance!


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Yes, it met a rule for blocking. The download should start to work in a few minutes.

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