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  1. I'm trying to run the MSI package downloaded from the site and have the installer import the config XML file after install concludes. Uniless I'm missing something, it seems that there is one of two ways to get this done. The first route would be to use ADMINCFG =”path_to_xml_file" The documentation says the following: "During installation, parameters defined in the specified.xml files are applied to ESET security products. This parameter is not required for remote installation. Installation packages contain their own .xml configuration which is applied automatically." When I run this string: "C:\ESETConfigs\ees_nt64.msi" /qb! /CFG =”c:\ESETUpdate\Workstations.xml” The installer will not run at all. Instead, a window opens up called "Windows Installer" then I get a list of proper commands to use in the string. None of which are designed to allow me to designate the configuration I want to use. The second way is to use the ADMINCFG argument. When I run this string: "C:\ESETConfigs\ees_nt64.msi" /qb! ADMINCFG=”c:\ESETConfigs\Workstations.xml” The installer will run and I don't see any errors, but the config XML will not import, the config I get is the default "out of the box" configuration.
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